A look back at January 2011 here on an unfinished person (in this unfinished universe)

Every once in a while, we (Unfinished Person and Unfinished Rambler) like to look back at the month that was here on the blog and what was our most popular posts written this month by view, according to statistics provided by This month, we want to give a special shout-out and thanks to two particular groups: the Tribal Blogs community and The Sunday Salon, which now is on Facebook. In large part because of these two groups, this month was our highest number of views since we’ve started this blog. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, who make these two groups as great as they are.

With The Sunday Salon, the highest number of views came for these three posts:

  1. On abandoning books, especially those recommended for you, in which I, Unfinished Person, discussed my giving up on two books that several book bloggers had highly touted.
  2. What I plan on reading in 2011, which is pretty self-explanatory what the topic there was.
  3. Two books from the library and one book per week from the TBR shelf.

With Tribal Blogs, while we’re not sure exactly what brought them here, we are safe in assuming that at least the two following posts caught their attention:

  1. Not finding the humor today, but maybe tomorrow.
  2. Flowers on the wall that don’t bother me at all, but they bother my wife.

And there was one other one here on this blog that caught almost everyone’s attention. However, we can’t take credit for it as it was written by Lisa of Boondock Ramblings, our sister.

I, Unfinished Rambler, titled it, “So, Doc, tell me is it safe?” As for what the “it” is, you’ll just have to read the post…and don’t miss the comments on this one, which are almost as good (almost, but not quite, of course) as the post itself.

We would be remiss in not mentioning that perhaps another reason our numbers have spiked is because at the beginning of this month, we agreed to post once a day as part of a initiative, The DailyPost. Thanks,, again for providing the tools that makes this whole shebang possible.

One response to “A look back at January 2011 here on an unfinished person (in this unfinished universe)

  1. I made your list!?? Wow..who would’ve thunk it. And all it took was a story about … Oy!