Wrapping up January in reading and looking ahead to playing it by ear in February (TSS)

The Sunday It’s the last Sunday Salon of the month and so it’s an obligatory wrap-up of January’s reading and a look ahead to February’s reading. But first, let me look back at this past week in book-related posts:

Now on to the books I’ve read AND finished this month, which actually is less than the book-related posts I wrote this past week:

  1. The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sherlock Holmes, which is included in The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 1 (The Barnes & Noble edition) and was the last story/novel I had to read to finish that one.
  2. Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami, which I read for the Haruki Murakami Reading Challenge.

I also read and didn’t finish (and won’t finish) the following:

  1. Waiting for Columbus by Thomas Trofimuk, which I was reading for a read-along.
  2. Let The Great World Spin by Colum McCann, which was recommended by a few other book bloggers I know, but not for me specifically.

So why did I bag them? I explained that earlier in the month and you can read my thoughts on abandoning books recommended for you.

Today, I’ll be continuing to read Terra Incognita, the third in a series about ancient Rome, by Ruth Downie, whom I’ll be interviewing within the next couple of weeks here on this blog. She commented on one of my blog posts, in which I just mentioned that I was reading her book, and while I responded with a comment, I also e-mailed her my response along with a request for an interview, if she had time. Two days later, she responded and said if I sent her questions, she would get back to me, although it might take a little while because she’s been inundated with e-mails lately.

As for the next month and upcoming months, in addition to continuing the Harukami Reading Challenge, the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge and the Baker Street Challenge, I also only will be taking two books out of the library at one time and one book per week from the to-be-read shelf in my office. Right now, the two books I have out of the library are The Accidental Billionaries by Ben Mezrich, the basis for the movie The Social Network, and The Confessions of an Opium-Eater by Thomas de Quincey, an autobiographical account of his opium addiction published in 1821. I found the latter in the basement of our library (where we have to go to get books for patrons because of handicap accessiblity issues) and most likely won’t get to read, but I thought it looked, to say the least, intriguing.

At the end of the month, I’ll be joining Amy of My Friend Amy for Frederick Buechner Week February 28 through March 4, where she, I and other bloggers will be reading and discussing his The Eyes of the Heart: A Memoir of the Lost and Found. I also have agreed to review one other book of his and write an essay on his influence in my life.

As for what I’ll be reading other than those few books mentioned, I really don’t know. I’ll play it by ear.

So what are your reading plans for today, this week and the rest of the month of February?

13 responses to “Wrapping up January in reading and looking ahead to playing it by ear in February (TSS)

  1. My only plans for February are to try not to buy any ebooks. I am slowly rereading Wolf Hall but nothing else is on my horizon. I hope I am not going to hit a reading drought!

  2. February I have a land mine of book tours I agreed to. I say land mine because in January I did not have any and my reading was all my own choices and it felt so good… now in February I have committed to a few that while they are good books… leave me a little more structured in my reading habits then I like.

    Oh well… live and learn 🙂

  3. I hope you’re enjoying the Sherlock Holmes stories. I read them for the first time almost three years ago and really liked them. However, some of the stories in Volume II seem so similar to some of the stories in the first.

    As for Agatha Christie, I’ve never read anything by her. I know I should, I just haven’t gotten around to reading her yet. I hear they’re quite good and also a fast read!

  4. You haven’t read any of the Sherlock Holmes?!!? For shame, for shame. 😉 And you’re reading short stories and not a novel today too? How do you call yourself a book blogger, lady? 🙂

  5. If the rest of the year goes by as fast as January did, it’ll be 2012 in no time! 🙂 Congratulations on finishing the first volume of Sherlock Holmes. I still haven’t read even one story from that volume yet.

    Today I plan on reading a few short stories from I have a ton of books picked out for February. I’m sure I won’t get to them all, but it’s fun trying. Good luck on your reading goals.

  6. I’m still working on the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books. I’m still on the first one and it has gotten off to a slow start for me and thus I am not excited to read it. I have heard many times that after the first hundred pages it really picks up but that’s a lot of pages before it gets exciting.

    • I’m not going to lie, Jen. I put that first one down for several months before finally returning to it, and then I did enjoy it. However, I enjoyed the second one better than the first– and even better than the third. For me, it seemed to be more of a page-turner than the other two of the trilogy.

  7. I am hoping to start Eyes of the Heart for FB Week today – have a feeling his memoir will resonate more with me than Godric did, as I’ve read many quotes from his non-fic that are profound.

    Will be finishing Starter for Ten by David Nicholls today – hysterically funny – and hopefully making some progress in The Postmistress, plus catching up on reviews that are sitting in my drafts folder.

    Have a great day – and, may I just say ahead of time for next week, Go Green Bay! 😛

  8. You’ve actually done well, despite your disclaimers…it’s important to enjoy our reading. I just saw The Social Network, so now I’m very curious about Accidental Billionaires.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • I have Accidental Billionaires, but to be honest, I’m not sure how much time I have left: it’s on loan from the library on e-book. I guess I’ll find out when it just disappears from my e-reader.

  9. Literary Feline

    I can’t believe January is at an end already. I have mixed feelings about seeing it go. On the one hand, I’m eager to put it behind me and on the other I am not quite ready to let it go.

    The two books you decided against finishing are books in my TBR collection. I came across another blogger this month who also couldn’t finish either of those books. It can be more difficult to put books down that came recommended, but I think sometimes it’s necessary.

    I wish you continued luck with your challenges. As I was packing books, I came across my collection of Agatha Christie mysteries. I hope to eventually read them–some will surely be rereads but it’s been so long since I read them that I probably won’t remember which are new to me and which aren’t. I wasn’t keeping track of my reading when I initially dove into her collection.

    Have a great week!

    • Oh, I’m more than ready to let January go…and February for that matter…and just skip right to spring already. 🙂

      I’ve read a lot of Christie in the past and don’t remember which ones I’ve read either, so sometimes I do get to those I’ve read and reread them. They’re so short that it usually doesn’t take up much time anyway.