What’s your favorite soap, baby?


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This weekend, The Wife and I are at her father’s in Germantown, Maryland, where he is in a play in which we’re going to see him tonight. On the way here, we stopped at a convenience store below Harrisburg and while I usually don’t comment on such things, I felt compelled to tell one of the employees how impressed I was with the cleanliness of the restroom. I also commented to my wife on how modern the bathroom was– especially the tiles and the automatic faucets, which actually worked unlike the ones in Walmart that never seem to work.

I was so excited that I called my sister to tell her, as I am apt to do when I find something noteworthy about which to call or text her, which this definitely was. She immediately posted to the entire world via Facebook that:

My brother, who is traveling to Maryland, just called to tell me he and his wife just stopped at a convenience store with a nice, clean bathroom. “and the soap smelled lovely,” my sister-in-law said. “No, really…it was designed really nice,” my brother said. “The tiles were really nice too. They were very modern.” Wow it is really an eventful drive for them I guess.

My wife later corrected my sister that she really had said that the soap was “pleasant,” and since we were on the topic of soap, I threw open the door to all of my sister’s other friends on what their favorite soap was. My sister’s favorite soap is Walmart soap, she said. One of her friends said the pink “mystery” soap that is in dispensers at some restaurants. Another said “Dial” soap.

So now I’m going to open the door, so to speak, for all of my readers. What is your favorite soap and why? Personally, I always liked Lava, because of its sandpapery quality — so rough and gets the job done, much like yours truly. Cue the fuzzy guitar music. 😉 What’s yours?

9 responses to “What’s your favorite soap, baby?

  1. My favorite soap ever was a bar of lemon soap from the penthouse suite of a hotel in Philadelphia…a friend’s mother was being honored by the Susan G Komen foundation and as an extra treat her dad rented this suite of rooms. I gathered as much of the toiletries as I could without being tacky and savored them over several weeks.

  2. French Lavender with Rose Petals and Shea Butter is the best I’ve ever used. I love the texture and the slight fragrance. It lathers beautifully and is never drying to my skin. It’s a hand milled soap made in France.

  3. Anything that doesn’t make my skin dry up like west Texas in the summer, winter, spring, and fall, and smells purty.

  4. Interesting topic. Over the years, we had several favorites. First there was Ivory, then Dial and our current favorite is Dove, which we get in the large, economy size packs at Costco + a coupon. That’s for the bath.

    For hand washing, I get the generic anti-bacterial stuff in the large containers either at Costco or Walmart.

  5. Mysore Sandal Soap” imported straight from India.
    The scent may be too strong for some – especially those with sensitive skin or allergies.

  6. That Dial foaming anti-bacterial stuff.

  7. My very favorite soap is lavender-oatmeal, hand-made by a friend from work. She also makes an exceptionally gentle soap called “Soft as a baby’s…”

  8. There was a spa/salon near where I used to work that actually sold a soap with caffeine in it. I’m telling you, there’s nothing better than that on a gray, cold, Monday morning. It was incredible.

    Aside from that, my favorite soap is Lever.