You might be a book geek if…

For this week’s Flashback Friday, I’m once again going to cut to the chase and get right to the point of for what I’m grateful this week and leave out the ungrateful stuff, because it’s winter and I’m trying to keep upbeat here. So to that end…

For what I’m most grateful this past week

Being a book geek: Earlier this week I received in the mail Frederick Buechner’s book, The Eyes of the Heart: A Memoir of the Lost and Found, from Amy of My Friend Amy, which I’ll be reading as part of Frederick Buechner Week, February 28-March 4. I was so excited that while ripping the package open, I ripped part of the cover too. Yes, I was just like a kid at Christmas ripping open that proverbial package…even though in this case, I knew what the book was.

Then yesterday, I received a comment on my post Knee deep in the hoopla of reading challenges from Ruth Downie, author of Terra Incognita, which I currently am reading. I think I announced that I had received a comment from an author on Twitter and also told my wife and my sister. I responded to Downie’s comment, both on my post and in a separate e-mail, where I asked for an interview if she had time. Without much forethought, I also joked with her that I was enjoying the book so far, but that that could change (slapping myself in the head) and then further joked that if she wanted to pay me for a good review of the one I was reading, I was open to that (double slap). I then sent her a link to my review of Medicus: A Novel of Rome, her first book, but not first before going back and rereading it to make sure it was a good review (which it was, whew! maybe that will make up for my joking which with her British sensibilities, she might not have appreciated).

Lastly, when I learned that James Frey was behind the book, I Am Number Four, I decided it wasn’t a book I wanted to read after all. Who else but a book geek cares about something like that? Not many people, I’m guessing.

All I could think after these three incidents were “You might be a book geek if…”

Now I’ll leave you to fill in the rest of the Jeff Foxworthy-inspired joke. Have you ever done something that might classify you as a book geek or even just a geek? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

7 responses to “You might be a book geek if…

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  2. We need a show that makes us look cool. Sort of like what GLEE did for kids in chorus.

  3. I have no doubt that you are a book geek! You should get a job at a library.



  4. I started a book blog… I attend readings… I collect signed books… I collect JANE EYRE editions… I consider bookstores acceptable date spots… I enjoy cataloging my own books into LibraryThing AND GoodReads… I’m a professional librarian… the list goes on…