Why I am not reading or watching I Am Number Four

James Frey

Image by /Sizemore/ via Flickr

Recently when I went to see True Grit in the theater with the owners of our local bookstore, I saw the trailer for a movie called I Am Number Four. I thought, “Hey, that looks pretty cool.” One of the owners leaned over to me after the trailer and told me it was based on a book too. Later, I found it at the library where I work and then only tonight after doing a little research online, I discovered who its author or authors really were, one of which was that guy pictured there above. Then after reading this article from New York Magazine, I decided I really didn’t want to read the book or see the movie. I don’t know if I’ve ever had this kind of a visceral reaction to a book or a movie previously. No, James Frey, fuck YOU!

Have you ever been turned off by book or movie because of by whom it’s associated, written or directed?

11 responses to “Why I am not reading or watching I Am Number Four

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  4. I actually read the book I Am Number Four having no idea that James Frey was behind it. I liked it, but probably wouldn’t have read it if I had known this first.

    • I got a sample of it on an e-book and thought it looked good, and while it might be good, probably because of the actual author or authors (who knows) who wrote most of it, I just can’t stomach the idea of reading it — knowing that the real authors are getting screwed out of their fair share.

  5. Lots of times. I don’t like Charlie Sheen, for example. Or that redhead who’s sometimes on 30 Rock. She’s so boring, I can’t remember her name. James Frey, I don’t know anything about. I’ll have to look him up. Or not. If you don’t like him, I probably won’t, either.

  6. What a cocky bastard Frey is. He will make millions. I’m glad I have never read anything by him

  7. I’m with you on this one. James Frey makes me angrier than most things. GRRRR!