Turn me inside out…and round and round

Fluoxetine HCl 20mg Capsules (Prozac)

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I’m just cutting right to the chase for today’s Flashback Friday where I tell for what I’m thankful…

…especially in light of the doctor saying yesterday I could start doubling my dose every other day here during the winter.

Admittedly, this morning I felt a little loopy after taking two capsules at once — for the first time EVER. But by this afternoon, I felt A LOT loopy:

Upside down
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And by tonight, this is how I’m feeling:

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Woo hoo!

6 responses to “Turn me inside out…and round and round

  1. You’re sure it’s the Prozac? I mean, you didn’t eat a bad burrito or anything, didja?

  2. Dang, Dude! What are you taking? Can you drive while you’re taking it? Be careful operating heavy equipment.

    • I think what I’m taking was mentioned right off the bat, so no secret there. 🙂

      Yes, I can drive while taking it and I don’t operate heavy equipment, so I’m cool. Well, I’m cool anyway…;)

  3. I don’t think you should have any more. You’re loopy enough. 🙂

  4. Quit bragging about your loopiness and share some with me! I am in dire need of loopy-looby-louness today 🙂

    • unfinishedrambler

      Sorry, I think I’d get in trouble with the authorities if I passed along the loopiness. 😉