Thank you, Facebook, for not shutting down

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In honor of the movie The Social Network being released today on DVD and BluRay, I give you my three favorite posts that I’ve written about Facebook:

  1. Why can we defriend
  2. Facebook, if you don’t know me by now
  3. Facebook hasn’t clubbed any baby seals, but…

and a response from the 2,620 residents of my CityVille, Unfinished Town,  to the news that Facebook is NOT shutting down March 15, as reported by one source on the Internet:

Unfinished Town

5 responses to “Thank you, Facebook, for not shutting down

  1. I thought those people of Cityville were saying “Yay!” because FB *IS* shutting down.

    I don’t get FB.

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  3. Oh … is that what a Cityville looks like ?
    Reminds me of SimCity3000 I used to play in the 90s…. Ah the 90s … (rocking chair) … there were real books in my face back then …

  4. Love to see the Cityville people happy. I saw the same rumor on FB yesterday. It wanted access to all my info so I never saw what it was all about. DECLINE