Reading Murakami, Doyle, King and soon Trofimuk (TSS)

The Sunday Last week I shared what I plan on reading in 2011, touching on what I planned on reading for this month.  This week I thought I’d update you on how I’m doing and what new wrinkles have been added to the mix.

  1. Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World

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    First up, for the Haruki Murakami Reading Challenge, I’m reading Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. I’ve been savoring this book all week and probably will continue to read it this afternoon and this evening. I discussed why I’m savoring it earlier in this past week’s Midweek Review about “brain-tingling” authors, of which I absolutely consider Murakami.

  2. The Hound of the Baskervilles as part of my continuing to read all the works on Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The novella was my first read of the New Year and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll be starting up The Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes, Vol. II in the near future, but will be delayed slightly by…
  3. Another Sherlock Holmes pastiche, the Mary Russell series, by Laurie R. King as I received two of the series from interlibrary loan this past week, A Letter of Mary and O Jerusalem.  They are the third and fifth of the series, respectively, so I also will be reading the fourth of the series, The Moor, which our library does have. I’ve already started the third one, since I am under a deadline to get these finished before the end of the month so they can be returned to their libraries.
  4. I haven’t forgotten about Waiting for Columbus by Thomas Trofimuk, which I will be reading for a readalong this month with several other book bloggers. It’s just been put on the backburner, in lieu of these other “projects.”
  5. The first two books mentioned in this list were e-books, in keeping with my goal of taking out less books from my hometown physical library, and in keeping with my goal of both checking out books from my hometown’s virtual library (to read on my Nook), I already have taken out two others from there. Admittedly, one of them, I had to mark as a DNF, because it just didn’t grab me, and the other, I just ran out of time to read, but hope to check out again at a later time.

So what are you reading today? What have you been reading this week? What do you plan on reading the rest of this month?