Patron of The Week: Mr. I-Think-The-Library-Has-All-The-Answers

This week’s Patron of the Week comes from the Land of Random Questions.

Please welcome Mr. I-Think-The-Library-Has-All-The-Answers.

On Thursday night, I received the following phone call:

“Do you know The Sound of Music?”

I thought this was going to lead to a question if we had The Sound of Music on DVD or videocassette (yes, we still have them, we’re “old skool”), but instead it led somewhere completely different after I answered “Yes.”

“Did an actress from that movie die this week?”

“I don’t know.”

“I thought if anyone would know, the library would know.”


Afterward, curiosity did get the best of me so I Googled The Sound of Music in news and I learned that no actress from the movie died this week, but did learn that Agathe Von Trapp, the basis for the eldest daughter, Liesl, in the movie, did die of heart failure at the age of 97 in a hospice in Towson, Maryland.

It was a slow night Thursday night and reference librarians do answer the most obscure questions for patrons. I probably should have told the man that I would look it up for him and let him know what I just let you know. However, I didn’t, but now at least the rest of the world knows that an actress from the movie The Sound of Music didn’t die this past week.

Consider this my public service of the week…

…and this my earworm of the week.

I never realized how possessed Rolf looks until I saw this. Of course, it makes sense, since he was in the grip of The Third Reich.

6 responses to “Patron of The Week: Mr. I-Think-The-Library-Has-All-The-Answers

  1. Are you saying that librarians don’t know everything? You just ruined my Sunday.

  2. Like a child who thinks librarians live in library and must read every book – including math and therefore must know *everything*.

    I pity the caller because you shook his faith in the library.

  3. Adieu to Agathe… lucky for her, she finally made it past 17 to live a full life.