Retiring in 2010

Like Brett Favre, here are a couple of things that my wife and I think should be retired for 2011:

  • On the serious side, overdraft fees.
  • On the less than serious side, the phrase “I’m just sayin'”, even though others might have retired it at least five years ago. We’re just catching up. Hey, we haven’t even seen Lost yet, so excccuuuuuse us.
Just putting it out there

Photo courtesy of Brett L. on Flickr

So what do you want to retire this year? Or if sports related, who do you wish would retire besides the obvious Brett Favre?


20 responses to “Retiring in 2010

  1. I would like to see “stupid guys wearing their baggy pants below their butts” retired.

  2. I am SO with you on “just sayin'” I want that phrase to die a quick but extremely painful death!

  3. I agree about overdraft fees. They’re getting ridiculous.

    • unfinishedrambler

      No, we’re just against them, because unfortunately we’ve had them. We just want to make sure it doesn’t keep happening.

  4. I like Brett Favre even if he did spend photos of his uhm, personal business to that hoochie mama girl. I saw the photo and I swear it could be any old Tom, Dick, or Harry.

  5. retire Favre bashing 🙂 Maybe he retires a lot, but he doesn’t kill dogs. I’m talking to you Michael Vick!

    • unfinishedrambler

      He (Vick) served his time. Leave the man alone already. 🙂 <– Let the debate begin. 😉

  6. Reality shows. A&E = Annoyance and Excursiveness (?)

    • unfinishedrambler

      I’m soooo glad we don’t watch TV — and only are subjected to Netflix, of our own choosing.

  7. JERRY JONES (owner of the Dallas Cowboys)!

    Just sayin’

    I’ll go back to The Island now.

    • unfinishedrambler

      Yankees fans always wanted George Steinbrenner to retire. You see how that worked out, right? Yep, it will be the same way for Jerry.

  8. I’d retire lame-o, corrupt politics. I’ve had enough of them to last me a lifetime. When do the little people get their day in the sunshine?

  9. I wish Renal Failure would retire.