The return of Motivation Monday

The original intent of Motivation Monday was to help motivate me and you in terms of physical well-being, both diet and exercise. Since I began it, however, I have strayed from that original intent. Today, I’m announcing that I am returning to that original intent, starting next Monday, Jan. 3, 2011 and will continue on a weekly basis throughout the year to help motivate me and maybe you in the process.

The photo used in the badge above was from June 19, 2004 when I walked/ran in a 5-mile race called the George Sheehan Classic, the summer I called myself a runner. Six years later, I cannot and while I never may be able to call myself that again with a straight face, I do want to return to the way I felt that summer and for a couple of years after that: healthy.

So to that end, this year I am committing myself to writing a Motivation Monday each post with a “no” and a “yes” to help motivate me toward being physically healthy. For example, the “no” might be something like “no chips,” but on the flip side, it could be “yes” to healthy snacks.Instead of being an exhaustive resolution list at the beginning of the year, that just isn’t realistic in terms of who I am, it will be a list on which I will continue working throughout the year: one by one.

With this, I am making no resolution on weight loss, although, of course, I am hoping that will happen as a result. I don’t want to set myself up for a fall. Neither am I committing to a number of miles to walk and/or run in 2011. This is not about one year. This is about my life, and maybe in turn, it will help you with your life.

15 responses to “The return of Motivation Monday

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  2. Great idea, Rambler. I once rode my bike 84 miles on a 110-degree day. I felt good, and strong, and I was thinner, too. I wouldn’t mind getting back to that. It’s hard to find motivation, though. Maybe you’ll help me.

    • I once rode my bike that far…when I was like 16. It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything like that. Maybe some day I’ll get back to that kind of shape.

      • I doubt I’ll ever be in that kind of shape again. I was about 33, I think, and it was just before we adopted our first kid. I’m not an athlete, but I trained for the MS150, and felt proud of myself because I managed to make it through the first day of the ride even though two-thirds of the riders dropped out because of the overwhelming heat. But I was too wasted to carry on the next day, which turned out to be cold and rainy, if you can believe that. It’s a fun thing to remember.

  3. I, too, am re-committing to my health. Though I started yesterday (no time like the present). And, too, I have done away with making resolution to constraints. We’ve been on this earth to know what is right and wrong when it comes to being healthy. There’s no need to set ourselves up for failure with outrageous demands.


  4. I think it really is more about being healthy than about weight. I think in the summer time, it’s easier for me to get out and do things (walking, gardening, etc.) but when it’s cold and rainy, I sort of turn into a couch potato. I’m fine if I walked 3 or 4 times a week and take the dogs out for a mile or so. When I start waiting and let the husband do it for me, it’s not good. I’m glad you wrote this Bryan. It really helps to have other people thinking the same way and talking about it to get me more motivated.

  5. Yay! That sounds like a great approach. Better choices, more movement, daily goals….whatever it takes.