And a bah humbug to you too, beyotch!

Bumper sticker on car in front of me this morning:

Nothing says Christmas like curmudgeonliness.

God bless the U.S.A. because your fellow citizens sure aren’t going to bless you…

…unless you sneeze.

And sometimes not even then:

Act II: Gesundheit

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16 responses to “And a bah humbug to you too, beyotch!

  1. I agree with the bumper sticker a bit, mind you. Get off your butt and work people — don’t wait for us to work for you and expect us to pay for things. The homeless are one thing, but there are too many people in my area who sit on their butts, drink their beer and I pay for their health insurance, their kids’ health insurance and even for the cars they drive around. So Bah Humbug that people!!!

    (Hee. Hee. I bet that will rile a few of you up. And you’ll have to wonder — is she serious?!)

    • unfinishedrambler

      You’re right. They are too many people who sit on their butts, drink beer…when they should be drinking wine. It’s much healthier. Now for that I wouldn’t mind paying, but beer…yuck!

  2. I agree with Mike, who agrees with Teddy Roosevelt. Whatever happened to living simply so others may simply live? Oh, wait… that’s just for those of us who are lower middle class… the rich couldn’t possibly live more simply because, damn it all, their investments worked hard for their money and they’re going to work hard to keep it.

    • unfinishedrambler

      It is their money, after all. They should do with it what they want…and especially not be taxed beyond what they can bear.


  3. I agree with President Theodore Roosevelt that it’s un-American to allow wealth to be concentrated among a few people. Europe’s artistrocracy did it once, learned from it and corrected the problem, and so should we. It’s hard to earn your way out of poverty when only a few people control the purse strings.

  4. Beyotch ? – strange colloquialism or just some inner growlings.

  5. I’m with everyone. I don’t understand how we’ve become so apathetic toward each other. I’m hoping it’s a small minority of people but I doubt it.

  6. Oh, great. Green snot.

    **Reaching for tissue**

    Bless you!

  7. Please tell me that such people are are a very very small minority … ?

    Don’t they see the homeless, the poor, the unskilled, the underprivileged and all those who absolutely cannot move forward without help ?

    And while I am here… “Welfare State NOT Warfare State ! … Welfare State NOT Warfare State”….

  8. Oh, man do I agree with you! How in the world did we get so mean-spirited?