Why I hate Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick

His Patriots did put a hurting on Rex Ryan’s Jets last night and I had a few of his players on two of my fantasy football teams. Yet still I hate him. I tell you why over at today’s Tuesday Afternoon QB post at Humor Bloggers Fantasy Football League.

Also in case you missed it, yesterday my friends over at Tribal Blogs held a carnival where they talked about their worst Christmas gifts. I didn’t participate, because all of the gifts I’ve ever received have been bitchin’. So there :P. My family and friends rule! Yours…well..suck!

2 responses to “Why I hate Bill Belichick

  1. I’ve received some fairly goofy gifts, but hey! They didn’t have to give me anything so no problem! I’m not a Patriots fan. Go Raiders!

  2. How is it you’ve never had a crappy holiday gift? You must have paid off Santa. Yeah… that’s it!