Thankful for being here

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Ostensibly the theme here on this here blog is telling the story of an unfinished person through three prisms or elements of who we all are: body, mind and soul. In attempting to keep with that, and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S., I am going to write three posts this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday about for what I am thankful using those three prisms: body, mind and soul.

About what I am grateful physically? When I began to think up this idea for a series of blog posts, I realized I haven’t kept to an exercise regimen very well (at all) this past year and  have gained back much of the weight I have lost over the last few years. So I wondered about what I had to be thankful physically. However, after a little thought, it dawned on me that a few years ago, I was dealing with achalasia, a condition similar to acid reflux, and I couldn’t even eat or drink because every time I tried, it would “come back up” on me. While I occasionally still have problems if I eat too quickly, I don’t have the problems anywhere near to the degree that I did have and now, as evidenced by my paunch, I certainly can eat and drink.

Eating and drinking, as opposed to not being able to eat and drink, is always a good thing. Not to be too morbid but I volunteer at a hospice and I’ve seen bodies that are not able to digest food or take water, and not too long after that, those bodies die. I guess, bottom line: I’m thankful that I’m still alive.

Note: The original intent of the song was not as uplifting as imagined. However, later it changed for Vedder as he discussed in this interview with Billboard magazine.

So for what are you thankful this year physically?

9 responses to “Thankful for being here

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  2. Happy Anniversary and Happy Thanksgiving! Have a lovely celebration of both!

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  4. Actually, if you check the inside of your ring, you’ll notice that its today.

  5. For myself:
    I’m thankful that I found my way to a place in life where I have made peace with my body, where I can celebrate its strengths, where I can approach it from a desire to promote wellness and not from a place of self loathing and conditional acceptance, saving my contentment and celebration of it for a magical day in an as yet shaped future where my body meets everyone ELSE’S expectations.

    For you:
    I’m thankful that you are strong, healthy, and can do all sorts of things without pain or problems. I’m thankful for the strength of your running legs, the endurance of your breathing lungs, and the kindness in your reaching hands.

    For us:
    I’m thankful for 14 years of laughter, awkward dancing, quiet enjoyment, and enduring.

    Te amo.

  6. We’re thankful you are alive and can take sustenance, too!

    You are what you eat.