Trying to fall into The Big Sleep while not falling into it, if you know what I mean (TSS)

Cover of "The Big Sleep"

Cover of The Big Sleep

The Sunday Salon.comToday in between helping my wife getting ready for friends coming over for dinner later this afternoon and fantasy football, I plan on reading The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler. At 234 pages, it’s just my size as almost all of the books I read anymore are under 300 pages, usually even under 250. I found it on our bedroom dresser this morning as I was considering what I would read, even though I have a bookcase in my office and a box of “nerd porn” that a friend sent me last month.

So far this month, I’ve read six books, starting with The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell and ending yesterday afternoon with The Chinese Parrot, the second Charlie Chan mystery, by Earl Derr Biggers. The other four books were Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell; The Patriotic Murders (aka One, Two, Buckle My Shoe) by Agatha Christie; The House Without A Key, the first Charlie Chan mystery, also by Biggers, and Evil Under The Sun by Agatha Christie. I plan on reading Children of God, the sequel to The Sparrow in the near future, and plan on continuing the other Charlie Chan mysteries: Behind That Curtain, The Black Camel and Charlie Chan Carries On later this month.

With today’s post, I will finish the week with four semi-book related posts. The other three are “Dolla dolla bill y’all” (where I see people as overdue fines), “Mr. It’s-Just-This-War-And-That-Lying-Son-Of-A-Bitch-Rendell” (another installment in my Patron of the Week series), and the most uninspiring title of the month,  “Narrowing the gap between the number of books read and movies watched this year“.

Leaving you with the book/movie connection, here’s a trailer, set appropriately in a library, for the 1946 version of The Big Sleep with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall:

7 responses to “Trying to fall into The Big Sleep while not falling into it, if you know what I mean (TSS)

  1. We have a “Books Inc” in town and I shop there all the time too. The thing with B&N is that I get free shipping and I can do it more easily from the computer. I know you are a Library Police guy. I’d never tell a cop too much.

  2. The Big Sleep was an awesome movie! But now I think I’m going to read the book too. I seem to go from genre to genre with what I read. I like thrillers (Lee Child, James Lee Burke, Dennis Lehane, Robert Crais), but then I’ll switch and read Hemingway, or Norma Mailer. Lately I’ve been on a Middle East kick with books about people in India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, etc. Then I get off the fiction thing entirely for months and go for natural science stuff. The problem I have is Barnes & Noble. I sometimes spend a couple a hundred a month on books. I should go to the library, but I want the books forever. So then I have to hide from the Library Police.

    • I try to read a variety of books, but keep coming back to mystery/crime books. I do have a few nonfiction waiting for me on my shelves, but most likely it will be next year before I get to them. I like Child and Lehane too, and Hemingway is one of my favorite writers. I would encourage you to try to find an independent bookstore instead of giving all your money to a big box bookstore. They don’t need your money; the indies do. Oh, and don’t mention the Library Police to me. I’m a card-carrying member. I’ll turn you in if you tell me too much. 😉

  3. I was too tired to do a Sunday Salon this week. But I did post three times earlier in the week, including:

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  4. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t read The Big Sleep yet. I have no idea why I haven’t read it yet but mostly like it will be one of my New Year’s Resolutions.

    Can I just say you have the best post titles ever? 😀