Narrowing the gap between the number of books read and movies watched this year

The gap between the number of books I’ve read this year, 60, and the number of movies I’ve watched this year, 63, is narrowing. However, just when I think I’m about to even up things, along comes a movie that I just have to see, and not helping is Netflix Instant Queue where movies like this are available:

On the flip side, though, what is helping is books adapted into movies. Recently I read The Taking of Pelham One Two Three by John Godey and then compared and contrasted the two movies (1974 and 2009) with the book and each other. My wife and I also watched the movie Winter’s Bone and then read the book of the same name by Daniel Woodrell from which the movie was adapted. On Monday night, I watched The Girl Who Played With Fire, which of course is the second in the Millenium trilogy by Swedish author Stieg Larsson and also will be the subject of a Bloggerhood of the Traveling Book Blog Tour at the end of this month, featuring mwah (and Unfinished Rambler) and a handful of other bloggers.

Lest you think, though, that everything I watch is literary, let me dispel that notion right now with this trailer, with which I will leave you (even in German, you still get the gist):

Don’t laugh, but my wife and I thought it was pretty good, for what it was: basically a video game movie.

Note: Some movies I watch with my wife; others like Mongol I watch by myself.

5 responses to “Narrowing the gap between the number of books read and movies watched this year

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  2. I can’t wait to see Mongol. That looks amazing! I love blood and guts though. The more the merrier! I guess it’s an acquired taste.

  3. Did you enjoy the movie the Girl Who Played With Fire? Had you seen the first one? Have you seen the third one? That’s one of my next projects to see those movies and see how they stack up (no pun intended) against the books…which were excellent.

    • I was going to save that for the blog tour. 😉 Not really. The second one was good, but not as good as the first one, which was just the opposite of the books for me. I enjoyed the first one more than the second one. The third one: I haven’t seen the movie yet, but plan to see it after Thanksgiving at an indie theater. I really don’t know if I want to see the American versions of them when they’re done or not. However, I’ve heard the American version of Let The Right One In was very good, so maybe there is hope.