For God’s sake, woman, he’s a man, he’s got a man cold

That’s where this:

has been for the last two weeks.

On the couch. Watching clips on YouTube and movies on Netflix…and, oh, reading books on paper — some, but not much.

Oh, by the way, my wife still hasn’t gotten my soup…I’m still waiting.

13 responses to “For God’s sake, woman, he’s a man, he’s got a man cold

  1. Jeez, I hope you’ve been reading my blog while you’ve been sick or are you still mad at me for slamming the Yankees? Muh ha ha.
    Okay, I’ll stop kicking you while your down. Simple colds do not last this long, go to the doctor. Feel better, but go to the doctor.

    • unfinishedrambler

      I’m still mad at you for slamming the Yankees ;). Not really. I’ve whittled down my Google Reader again so I should be visiting your blog again soon.

      I think I’m getting better…I think. We’ll see.

  2. Awww. You are still sick?! Hopefully this will be the last week. Feel better soon.

  3. Soup? C’mon. Even I can make soup. Not much else mind you, but soup, yes. It comes in a can, eh.

  4. YIKES! How about a visit to the old Doc-in-a-box?

  5. In her defense (or defence, if we are using skits from Channel 4) his wife started a new job today…so she’s had quite a bit on…..

  6. Sorry to hear you are unwell !
    But wishing you get well soon 🙂