September: The month of monkeys, book bloggers, Rachael Ray and Margaret Bourke-White

It’s been a slow month for Unfinished Person and Unfinished Rambler. This month so far, and counting today’s post, we’ve only had 18 posts. That doesn’t mean, though, that it hasn’t been a quality month, especially with Unfinished Person writing posts for Book Blogger Appreciation Week.

The top two posts for that week, based on number of views, were:

Unfinished Rambler, meanwhile, led the way with posts with the most views with three:

  1. Rachael Ray and her Glasgow smile: Again, this post just continues to climb the stats and now is the No. 4 post (counting “Home Page”) in number of views all-time on the blog. Go visit it now and maybe it will reach No. 2 soon.
  2. I am the Monkey King, I can do anything: Where Unfinished Rambler sees the image of a monkey king in…well, you’ll just have to read the post to find out where.
  3. The post where I disillusion myself that I am a blogger: Unfinished Rambler finds humor in a situation that at least one commenter didn’t think was so funny. For the record, at least, one of us (ahem, Unfinished Person) thought the commenter had a point.

We also want to give a special shout-out to our most popular post in views all-time next to the ever-present “Home Page”:  Margaret Bourke-White: Breadline during the Louisville Flood, Kentucky 1937.  We didn’t even write it. All that it is is a reposting of a photo from a site called Masters of Photography, reposted with permission under the policies of the site. Just thinking out loud: If we reposted more photos like this, with the appropriate permission, of course, maybe it would catapult us into the blogosphere stratosphere. Oh, well, we can dream anyway.

One response to “September: The month of monkeys, book bloggers, Rachael Ray and Margaret Bourke-White

  1. Cool. Nice that you do this, U.P.