A quick look back at my reading in September

My goal this month was to read five books and, lo and behold, as if this is a big surprise, I made it.

The five books were:

  1. The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson
  2. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
  3. Purple Jesus by Ron Cooper
  4. What’s The Worst That Could Happen? by Donald E. Westlake
  5. Between A Wok And A Hard Place by Tamar Myers

The first two were the end of trilogies; the last two, continuation of a series; and the third, a stand-alone novel by an independent author. The Ron Cooper novel also was an advanced reader’s copy to which I invited to read by J.C. Montgomery of The Biblio Blogazine in a Goodreads discussion group. I’ve finished the book, but the discussion group is still going, so I’m holding off on the review, possibly next week.

The last one was a part of the Pennsylvania-Dutch Mystery with Recipes series by Tamar Myers, and was one of several a patron at the library where I work donated for our library book sale, but said I could read first if I wanted. I mentioned to her in passing that I enjoyed this series by Myers, and then a few weeks later, she brought in almost all of the series, excluding a few of the last ones.

Tomorrow, I give a review of my most popular posts this month, not that I had much from which to choose, with only 16 posts, but I’ll still give you a review.

3 responses to “A quick look back at my reading in September

  1. I agree regarding the violence in the Lisbeth trilogy, but they are written so well and I found myself rooting for her and Kalle F***king Blomkist in each book!

    I finished the third book and was satisfied with the outcome. But I found myself really sympathising Lisbeth. What now? Such a strange little cookie of a girl. What on earth would she do now?

    AND… I admit it was nice to ponder a life without ANY financial strain.


    Real nice!

    hee hee

  2. I finished Hornet’s Nest, too – even mentioned you in my mini-review. 🙂