Laughing in the chubby rain…chubby rain, chubby rain

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I was talking with my friend Joe in South Korea on Skype the other morning when he began to discuss his idea for a book:

“It would be about nanobots in raindrops.”

Hmmmm, I thought to myself.

“Steerable raindrops, based upon nanoparticle seeding in clouds.”

Wait a minute, I thought to myself, and then I told him I had heard this idea somewhere previously:

Yep, that’s where I heard about it, and then I told him I had to write a blog post about it, to which he objected vociferously:

“Seriously, don’t give my idea about rain away. I have very few original ideas.”

He said the idea behind the nanobots in the raindrops was

“to show why any technological idea essentially is self-recursive…
it basically doesn’t improve mankind, it changes the paradigm,
out with the old boss, in with the new boss.”

Then he confessed that maybe his idea was similar to Bowfinger.

However, he said his idea was:

“Mud from the sky, that’s the idea, muddy rain.”

After he heard my outburst of laughter, he sighed, concluding with his coup de grรขce:

“There are no aliens in the rain drops, dude.”

9 responses to “Laughing in the chubby rain…chubby rain, chubby rain

  1. i’ve tried posting three times now.
    screw it.

  2. Only one guy looking for priapisms?
    One guy?
    Come on, the internet has more weirdos than that!
    “Chubby rain.”
    I suppose it does sound a bit homoerotic.
    I think you’re right, Bryan.
    There ARE only three people that read your blog.

    • unfinishedrambler

      There are now four people, thank you very much…well, I do mean, thank you very much because you’re the fourth. I think I scared people off from this post with the title. Poor Nomedufus didn’t even read the post. He got so caught up in the title that he just skipped the post. That’s probably what others did too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. what happened to my post?

  4. Oops, sorry. When I saw the title I thought this post was about something else.