How did you discover Agatha Christie?

Agatha Christie

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I am a procrastinator, so suddenly my post for the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Blog Carnival Tour was upon me and I had no idea on what I was going to write. Last year on a similar tour, I wrote about the Russian band named Agata Kristi. However, I knew I couldn’t do that again, so on what could I write?

Then I began to think about how I was introduced to the writings of Agatha Christie, and it got me thinking how you also might have been introduced to Agatha Christie? Why not share our stories on how we discovered Dame Christie’s works?

Let me begin:

My story is simple. It was my mother who introduced me to Christie when I was a teenager. It was around the same time she introduced me to Robert Ludlum, Frederick Forsyth, John Le Carre and Alistair MacLean. I don’t remember which Christie I read first, but I’m going to guess it was either And Then There Were None or Murder On The Orient Express, two of my favorites.

To date, I’ve read 25 of her 80-plus novels. I read most of them last year and only a few this year. Later this month, I hope to pick up the pace a bit by reading at least two more for the next carnival.

So how were you introduced to Agatha Christie? Was it a relative, a friend, a movie, TV series or play based on one of her works? Or did you discover her on your own?

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7 responses to “How did you discover Agatha Christie?

  1. My first Agatha Christie was in college and thereafter there has been no looking back….I am totally addicted to her books.

  2. My mum’s English, and I started reading Agatha when I was about 10 years old. I loved those mysteries, and it didn’t bother me at all that Miss Marple was like 90 and I was only 10. She was smart and effective, and I loved that.

  3. In junior high school, I was constantly bored. One day, I just went in to my mother’s bookshelf in the den, and grabbed a book. I think it was one of the Miss Marple mysteries. I remember reading 4 or 5 of them, before I burned out on Hickory, Dickory, Death. I burned out on everything rather quickly then. But after that, I remember the Margaret Rutherford films that I saw at my aunt’s house, and the early parts of the David Suchet series. I don’t even remember when I picked them up again, but I feel like they have always been part of my life.
    I’ve read 39 of the novels, but I know the stories/have seen the film/have heard the BBC radio production for at least a few more.

  4. I think I first saw them in a department store book section back when I was in my late teens.

  5. I really don’t know who introduced me to Agatha Christie. It could have been my mother because she (like me) always had a book on the go, but I don’t think it was. We didn’t have any of her books at home. I know I was a teenager and I probably found her books at the library and I do remember reading all the books by her that they had in stock. Since I started blogging I’ve read as many of her books as I can find.

  6. For me it was the local librarian – we had a pretty small library where I grew up and I was a voracious reader even as a kid and had run out of the kid’s books – she thought that Christie would be suitable even though it was for adults. My first one was Death on the Nile and I adored it – all exotic and adventurous as well as having a puzzle to solve.

  7. Oh, what an interesting question! I was introduced to Agatha Christie by my older brother, who gave me two of Christie’s novels – Mrs. McGinty’s Dead and The Man in the Brown Suit as a birthday present when I was a young teenager. I devoured them and soon, was adding to my collection whenever I could. I’ve never looked back…