The post where I disillusion myself that I am a blogger

Today I was walking up the street toward our house when I saw this:

Superman's death defying stunts

Image by sparklemotion0 via Flickr


young clown

Image by qwrrty via Flickr


[mobile] In God We Trust. United We Stand.

Image by taberandrew via Flickr

Okay, that wasn’t exactly what I saw. What I did see was this: a man wearing a Superman costume, a clown wig and a backpack on which a sign reading “United We Stand” was propped.

I pulled up my cell phone camera to get his photo when the screen lit up with words similar to this:


Unfortunately, he was only about 20 feet in front of me, so by the time I got to the photos file and only could find one photo, the one and only photo of my wife I have on my cell phone, to delete and for some reason couldn’t find the other bajillion useless photos that were clogging up the works, alas, it was too late.


Explain to me again why I call myself a blogger when one of the most important rules of blogging is


On second thought, please don’t explain it to me.


Image by striatic via Flickr (again, neither picture I took nor of me taken by anyone else)

Ironically, as I was typing up the first draft of this, I forgot to hit “Save Draft” too. No, no, no. I know you are tempted, but really, don’t tell me…

15 responses to “The post where I disillusion myself that I am a blogger

  1. I made the mistake of taking a picture of a woman with huge lime green curlers in her hair with my mom present and said I’m so blogging about this. Now she’s taken it upon herself to point out every odd person we see and tells me, “Take of picture of that ones hair and blog about it.” Like I have the gonads to just walk up to a complete stranger and snap a picture of them and then have my mom start giggling.

  2. Well at least you remembered the details of the story and YOUR memory wasn’t full. I hate when that happens.

  3. My reaction to him was less ‘that’s hilarious’ and more ‘that’s kind of awesome’. I have always enjoyed talking with people on the fringes. Sometimes they have a clearer perception of reality than the rest of us do.

  4. I know that would have been fun to take a photo of …. he did make quite an impression, and the first time I saw him walking down our fair Main St sidewalks, I came down the stairs into the bookstore and said, “Whoa. Superman is walking down Main St.” But the real story behind him isn’t funny, so I do think we should take pause for a moment: this man says he is walking all over America in support of our troops, to represent them, to make people stop and think of them. And he may be helping do just that. However, what he really represents is one of MILLIONS of homeless, mentally-ill people that America is not helping, not supporting, not dealing with. I asked him where he was staying: in his sleeping bag, wherever he happens to be that night. After talking with him, I realized he is almost definitely schizophrenic, highly delusional but almost certainly not dangerous. But he is dressed in a full Superman costume, walking around America, carrying his signs and his backpack and a flag. He has a little more wherewithall than a lot of our mentally-ill-and-homeless fellow Americans, in that he seems to be able to deal with money and to feed himself and to carry on his mission, as he sees it. In this way he is functional, so it’s not like anyone can force him to go to the hospital, or to go to his family, or seek treatment, or even arrest him. I don’t think he’s breaking any laws. But would you want your brother, or your son, walking around like that? I’m not talking about the embarrassment factor, screw that. I walk around in costumes on numerous occasions, for events at the bookstore, or cultural events, or what have you. I am talking about the pathos of the situation, not the “oops, I missed a funny photo opportunity.” I’m not scolding you, blogger, because I too might have taken a photo; but I have worked with this population before, for several years, and believe me, it stops being funny when it starts being you.

    • unfinishedrambler

      Damn. Way to bring a party down, girlfriend. 😉

      But seriously, I just wonder where is his family? Hmmm. Why aren’t they helping him? Does make you think.

    • Speaking from my serious side, I did think about writing a serious story about him for the newspaper for which I work. However, I didn’t have a notebook with me or a real camera…and to be honest, I had just eaten dinner and was thinking selfishly about getting home to unwind. I did think he’d have quite a story to tell, and as you showed in your response, he did. Thanks for letting us all know what the “real story” is. My alter ego tends to look at life through the prism of humor, which sometimes clouds his vision to the serious things going on around him. Forgive him.

  5. I’m so sorry you missed that photo op. Oh, wait. Maybe I’m not.

    I’m never able to get my camera out in time. I have to get my glasses out so I can see to use it.


    • unfinishedrambler

      I’m not that bad yet…with the glasses.

      But it definitely would have enhanced the post, if I actually had the photo.

  6. Doh! I always appreciate hearing about others’ brain-less moments, so thtat I feel better about mine. 🙂

    • unfinishedrambler

      Ashley, long time no see. Hope you’re doing well. I don’t participate in Sleeping with Bread as much anymore because when I do visit there, the group seems to be pretty inactive.

      But in response to your comment, that’s why I’m here, to make people like you feel better about their own brainless moments. 😉

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  8. My phone doesn’t have a camera in it, nor do I even own a camera (digital or otherwise). But…two of my best friends are professional photographers and they ALWAYS have a camera with them to capture our “life moments.” It really is like having my own paparazzi wherever I go:)

    • unfinishedrambler

      I know how that is…sort of. Whenever I’m with my sister, I don’t have to worry about photos either. She is a professional photographer too. And with her family, it definitely is like having their (our) own paparazzi wherever they (we) are. Sometimes endearing, but most of the time, downright annoying ;).

  9. I know the feeling – kind of like having a bone in your mouth and having to walk past two more laying on the ground.