Planning the kind of September where life is slow and oh, so mellow

My goal for last month was to read 14 books, with me actually making it to five. This month, my goal is to read five books, four of which I’m looking to finish by month’s end, including two of which I’ve already started.

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The one, which I’m not going to finish is Bleak House by Charles Dickens, which I’m reading as part of a read-along with Amanda over at The Zen Leaf. By today or at least the end of this week, the goal was to have read through Chapter 13. We were to have read through Chapter 7 by last Wednesday or later in the week. I am only on Chapter 5 now. I hope by Friday to be through Chapter 13 and put up a post about my reading of it so far.

The other four books are:

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Cover of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

  1. The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson, which I’ve already started reading.
  2. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, which I hope to get at the library tonight. I am next on the hold list and the first one on that list was the library director, so she knows I really, really want it.
  3. Sad Cypress by Agatha Christie, which I’ll be reading for the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge.
  4. What’s The Worst That Could Happen? by Donald E. Westlake, which I’m reading as part of my own personal challenge to read all the Dortmunder novels by Westlake.

Beyond that, who knows? All I do know is that the plan is to read mostly, although not exclusively (because of the aforementioned Agatha Christie Reading Challenge in which I participate), from the books on the bookcase in my office as outlined last month.

Last but not least, speaking of the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge, this month Agatha Christie would have been 100 years old on Sept. 15, if she still were alive. In celebration of that, the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Carnival is having a blog carnival tour all month, starting today and running through Sept. 30 (click on link for full schedule). This blog will be one of the stops on the tour on Thursday, Sept. 9,  with me as your host for that day. I hope you’ll stop by here and the other blogs along the way.

10 responses to “Planning the kind of September where life is slow and oh, so mellow

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  4. 14 books! Wow, that was ambitious. I read four since the end of July (which you probably read about over at my place) and am currently reading The Given Day by Dennis Lehane. I take my books one day at a time – some days I spend too much time on this thing and don’t get any reading done. If you want to see what I’ve read recently check the “Books” tab on my blog. Good luck living up to your commitment.

    • I like Lehane, but only have read a couple of his: Mystic River and Shutter Island, the latter of which was incredible, much better than the movie, imho. The movie, though, was very good too.

      About the Ian Rankin: Is that one of his Inspector Rebus books? I’ve always wanted to read them…I think I started on one of them, but then didn’t get back to it.

      (Aside: suggestion on your blog: provide a link to more information about the book. I use Google Books myself as a link on most — of course, none of those mentione above, oops, will add in later tonight; that way, I’m not pimping out Amazon or any other book site and am remaining neutral or at least fairly neutral).

      • I’ve read those Lehane books too. They’re great.

        No the Rankin book isn’t Rebus. I’ve read several and have the collection “Capital Crimes” still to get at.

        That’s a good suggestion about my Books tab. Thanks.

  5. Ti’s right that this is a great title for a post. Good luck on reading your four books.

  6. I love the title of this post. I was just looking at my calendar and had a brief panic attack. No empty space.. very tiny writing everywhere. Way, WAY too much going on in September.

    BUT… I am almost done with like four books so perhaps the reading/blogging will not be affected.

    • At first, I wasn’t connecting with what you were saying about the “very tiny writing” and then I figured it out (my “duh” moment of the day).

      You’re already done with four books today? Whoa. 😉