In case you missed them, my top 10 posts…EVER!

On Sunday, I looked back at my reading in the month of August.  Today, I look back at what were my top 10 posts this past month, some of which were written this past month, others that were written earlier this year (no, these are not really my top 10 posts EVER, that was just to draw you to read this post).

Counting backwards:

10. A Heluva Good race? Eh, not really, but Jimmie Johnson wrecked. Woo hoo!: The second part of a series about my father, sister and I going to our first NASCAR race.

9. The Story of Right Hand, Left Hand: A combination Patron of the Week and Flashback Friday post, on the subject of forgiveness, and my personal favorite of the month, so if you click on only one link (which I’d prefer you click on all of them, of course, but…), then click on this link.

8. The worst part of waking up: Another post about my father, sister and I going to Watkins Glen, but with coffee as the centerpiece.

7. Up jumped the boogity, boogity, boogity: The first part of the series on our going to the Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at The Glen earlier in the month.

6. Survey says: Classics can be “page-turners” too: The summation from a first part in which I asked, “Are ‘page-turners’ always ‘pulp fiction?‘ ”

5. Patience for stupidity: Something I don’t have.

4. Introducing the Patron of the Week: Little Miss I-Don’t-Want-To-Pay-All-My-Fine-Because-(insert excuse here): Where I introduced my new series Patron of the Week.

3. Patrons, what a bunch of bastards: Which wasn’t a Patron of the Week part, but pretty much sums up the feelings of one of my co-workers on the subject of patrons.

2. Rachael Ray and her Glasgow smile: A post from April of this year where I was creeped out by Rachael Ray’s smile. Don’t believe me it’s creepy. Just look. I dare you.

1. Why can we defriend: A post from my new Facebook category in which I discuss the fine art of defriendship.

I also want to give special recognition to Chris for possibly the best comment of the month, in which he responded to another post from April of this year about my pet peeve of motorcyclists who ride motorcycles without helmets (scroll to the bottom of the comments for his well-thought out comment, with which I cannot disagree totally). I’m not sure if I’ll always give a special shout-out to a commenter every month, but in this case, I thought it was noteworthy that he had considered the post so thoughtfully. Thanks, Chris.

Also yesterday’s Motivation Monday post is still sitting there, waiting for a comment. Please stop by and give it a comment, so it doesn’t feel all lonely. Thanks in advance. 🙂

8 responses to “In case you missed them, my top 10 posts…EVER!

  1. How did you determine your Top 10? Readership? Personal choice?

    Just curious.

  2. Wouldn’t dream of missing one of your blog posts, friend! 😛

  3. I’ve read – and enjoyed – most of these. I continue to salivate over the opportunity you, your Dad and your sis had to get out to a NASCAR race. That was so cool. And your name’s “Rambler”, too!

    • I’d prefer to go to an oval track the next time we go to a race (probably next year at this point).

      Also for the record, my name isn’t Rambler, but that other guy’s is. 😉

  4. I’m of course going to have to check out ALL of these considering I’ve never been to your blog! But I can see that I missed out on a lot of things!!

    *currently stalking*