I don’t see Jupiter rising

Each Monday (or at least this was the plan back at the beginning of 2010) I write a post for a theme I call Motivation Monday, usually based off a quote from Dr. George Sheehan, especially from the book titled Dr. George Sheehan on Getting Fit & Feeling Great. The book includes three books: How To Feel Great 24 Hours A Day, Running and Being and This Running Life.

So today’s Motivation Monday post is a companion piece to my alter ego’s post that was put up earlier today called The worst part of waking up in which Unfinished Rambler wrote about his father’s addiction to coffee. It got me thinking about what gets us motivated, in the morning, afternoon or evening. For some of us, it might be coffee; for others, trying to lose weight and maybe for others, stress and trying to relieve it.

Lately, and by lately, I mean, the last six months to a year, not much has motivated me to get out the door morning, afternoon or evening. Tonight, though, I was motivated by a friend’s message on Facebook in which he talked about seeing Jupiter rising (see end of article) — even though, according to linked article, I was a few days late anyway. He suggested that I walk up to a park nearby where I live so I could see the night sky since I couldn’t see Jupiter from my backyard because of trees in our neighbors’ yards and couldn’t see it from the front of the house either because of streetlights. So I did and couldn’t see anything up there either.

Of course, after all this, he told me that

Btw – you waited too long. Gotta catch it when it 1st rises.

Well, thanks, Jeff, for that information, after the fact, but thank you for at least getting me out the door.

Speaking of Jupiter rising, I was reminded of this song:

So what motivates you morning, afternoon or evening to exercise?

2 responses to “I don’t see Jupiter rising

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  2. Okay, I came over to leave a comment because your post looked so lonely. This story reminds me if the night recently when my wife wanted me to go out in the backyard with her one night around 11pm to see shooting stars. After about 10 minutes we hand’t seen a one. The next day I was reading that the best time to see them was about 2am. Yeah, good luck with that.