Some of the people that I’ve met in my neighborhood

Todd's toys

One of our neighbors, Joe, left the above toys on the torn-up sidewalk in front of another of our neighbors, Todd, but Joe didn’t tell Todd that it was he who placed them there. In fact, Joe added a small collection of toys, which he bought from the local dollar store, to the walk and steps in front of Todd’s house, and led him to believe that neighborhood kids were placing them there. Todd, ever gullible, believed him.

It became a running inside joke every time we went to Todd’s for barbecues on Todd’s back porch. When Todd was out of earshot, I’d ask Joe if Todd knew yet that it was he who was doing it and inevitably Joe would answer that Todd didn’t have a clue yet. We’d then bring up the subject to Todd, who inevitably would answer something to the effect of “Damned kids.”

One time I was walking from Todd’s house to Joe’s house, where we’d watch movies on a large screen with a projector he had set up in his living room, with one of our mutual friends. I offhandedly mentioned the toys to her, but not indicating that Joe had placed them there, because I didn’t want her to tell Todd that it was Joe who had done it. She then said she knew there were some mentally handicapped children nearby and that perhaps they had put the toys there. I had to stifle laugh-out laughter and just smiled to myself as she went on about the children.

Finally, about a month ago, Joe was leaving the neighborhood, and, in fact, the U.S. to teach at a U.N. school in Tanzania. He told Todd he had a confession to make before he left, and broke down and told Todd about the toys.


If I remember correctly, I think that was Todd’s reaction.

Of course, we couldn’t help but laugh at Todd’s expense.

Todd's toys 2

Have you ever played a prank on someone where he/she didn’t “catch on” to the joke being played on him/her? If so, did you ever ‘fess up and tell them about it later?

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11 responses to “Some of the people that I’ve met in my neighborhood

  1. Do you know how happy I would be if I woke up everyday to awesome little toys in my front yard? Oh, wait, I live in an apartment! Damn it! But that’s still a really cool prank:)

    • unfinishedrambler

      We could put them out in front of your door, if you’d like…or maybe on your window sill.

  2. Ha! I love it! I think that is highlarious.

    I wish I had neighbors who would prank me.

    I would laugh.

    A lot.

  3. You live in a weird neighbourhood, Mr. Rogers.

  4. College buddy used to rearrange his neighbor’s garden gnomes in the middle of the night. One night he stole them all, replaced them with miniature versions.

    Years after the fact, he found his brothers had been doing the same thing.

    • unfinishedrambler

      I’ve heard of some great ones, like taking apart the cars and putting them back together on top of the school, and all those, but sadly I’ve never participated in any of them. I wish I had.

  5. “Hey Todd ! You were looking for that (document) so bad ? The Boss/Professor has it”

    Zip !

    “Hee hee hee…”