Just the three of us or the ménage à trois (aka clusterfuck) that is me

Earlier today Jennifer Brown (I think her real name, although it is a common enough name and could be an alias for all I know — with a wink to Jennifer Brown, you know, I love you, babe) of Tribal Blogs issued this week’s Friday Blog Challenge to members of the network to stop annoying their readers. First, she recommended they stop using word verification, with which I wholeheartedly agree. But then she recommended they stop using aliases, with which as the owner of two aliases I cannot agree.

Why? For a number of reasons:

1. Because I can. So there :P. And you can’t do a damned thing about it or the fact that I just used a conjunction to start a sentence (other than report me to the Grammar Police). <– This response was from Unfinished Rambler, the less serious side of me.

2. As a blogger for what will be five years this October, I have worked hard on developing my online persona: Unfinished Person, with blog posts that focus on three elements of not only who I am, but who we all are: body, mind and soul.

I, and this is both Unfinished Person and Unfinished Rambler speaking here, also want to keep the focus off of me (well, that’s Unfinished Person speaking anyway; Unfinished Rambler, he always wants the attention, that bastard) and instead keep the focus on whatever the topic at hand is: exercise, books or spiritual matters. The topic might be no topic too, for that matter or for no matter or for dark matter.

And (!) as odd as it might sound, I do have two Facebook accounts: one for Unfinished Person (why not Unfinished Rambler? I’ll tell you why, even I, whichever I, get confused sometimes) and one for the “Real Me,” whose name is Bobaganush Califragilistic. Don’t I trust some of you with my real real name? To be honest, no, because some of you don’t trust me with your real real name either.

For those of that trust me with your real real name, well, good for you. I’m glad that you’re secure in who you are as a person and a member of the universe to do so. Even after 41 years in this world (and sometimes out of it: for example, on the occasion of my alien abduction), I am secure in neither. That’s why I am an unfinished person (in this unfinished universe) AND an Unfinished Rambler.


No. Well, that makes four of us then.

Signed, respectfully, sincerely and insincerely, respectively,

Bobaganush Califragilistic,



Don’t ask about the tags. Okay, do. It’s what Zemanta chose for us on WordPress.com so we went with it.

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17 responses to “Just the three of us or the ménage à trois (aka clusterfuck) that is me

  1. Ha!! Love this and I completely agree with you. SuziQoregon is who I am online and have been for many many years. I don’t use my real name for blogging and never will. There are folks who know both of me, but most don’t and I intend to keep it that way.

    • I have a handful of bloggers who know me in IRL too, and I like it to keep that way too. One thing is that sometimes I’m too friendly, and that’s why I set up a separate Facebook account, so I can befriend bloggers that I otherwise might not want knowing all my information.

  2. What? Your name is Bob and you’re from California?
    That explains a lot of things….

    I was a little worried, though, that you might tell us that you were named for the first thing your grandfather saw when you were born……”Two-Clusters -Fucking.”

  3. We have a family in our neighborhood with the last name of Califragilistic. Do you have relatives in Northeast Ohio? Small world huh?

    • unfinishedrambler

      I think you might be confusing musical references. I was talking about Mary Poppins, and I think you’re in Disney World. But in answer to your first question, nope.

  4. Maybe it’s because I’m so much older than you, but this confused the tar out of me. At least in terms of your Sybil-like identity. But the rest of it (scary as it may seem) I think I followed. I, too, have been building on my Tarheel Rambler identity for almost three years now. That is part and parcel of who I am as a blogger. But, once I get to know folks, I use my real first name as well. It’s one of those “my friends call me Lee…” kind of deals.

    • unfinishedrambler

      It’s okay that you were confused. That was a little bit of the point. Basically, at one time, I had another blog: Unfinished Rambler, where I shared my rambling thoughts and was the anti-thesis of what I had on this blog. Now “we” share the same space. To help clear the confusion (somewhat), I will be using different signatures on posts by each persona. On some platforms, like Tribal Blogs, I will use my real name…although not always, not because I’m shy, but it just seems stupid always to repeat my real name over and over. If we do get into a serious discussion there, I will do my best to use my real name so you can respond to me face to face, instead of behind these masks.

    • I’m confused, too, Tarheel.

      • unfinishedrambler

        Cardiogirl: Let me break it down for you.

        This blog is shared by two personas: Unfinished Person, who writes on more serious subjects, and Unfinished Rambler, who writes on less serious subjects. When I write on serious subjects, I sign off “Unfinished Person.” When I write on not-so-serious subjects, I sign off “Unfinished Rambler.” This one was a cross-post. 🙂

        • Ohhhh! I did not catch the signature at the bottom of the posts. I actually thought you had two different blogs that looked similar but were different.

          Do you have tags so someone could read all of Unfinished Person’s stuff or all of Unfinished Rambler’s stuff?

          • unfinishedrambler

            When you’re on the blog, in the sidebar on the right are two links to each author: Unfinished Person and Unfinished Rambler. I also have Unfinished Rambler under the categories: http://unfinishedperson.com/category/unfinished-rambler. When I set up the category, I didn’t realize that readers also could find Unfinished Rambler under author. Either way, you’ll find “me,” i.e. Unfinished Rambler. 🙂

  5. Well put Bobaganush.
    Catgot Mytongue

  6. They have pills for this you know.

    I can’t keep all of you straight, I don’t know how you keep all of you straight. Maybe you don’t? Thanks for the mention, I think. And yes, that is my real name. However, I do have two aliases on my tax returns.

    • Jen: When I first started writing this, I tried to write it seriously, because I do believe this is a serious topic and should be considered…well, seriously. But then I realized I wouldn’t be true to myself if I only wrote it like that. It has made me consider with whom I’m friends on Facebook and whether I really need to have all those friends there.

      Yes. I do get confused too, but from now on, I’m using two signatures, one for Unfinished Person and one for Unfinished Rambler, here on the blog to differentiate between who wrote what. I also have two authors listed above (on the blog). As for Bobaganush, he’ll have to get his own blog ;).

      The pills? I have them…going on at least 15 years. I owe at least half (or maybe a third) of who I am to those blue-green capsules.

    • And I did want to mention the post, because I thought it was very well-done …and I forgot to mention your recommendation not to use auto-responders. To be honest, I had no idea that there was such a thing for bloggers. I thought it was more of a “spam thing.”