Patience for stupidity

If there’s one thing I don’t have, that’s it: Patience for stupidity.

The senior center, where I volunteer, has reserved parking spaces for its “Meals on Wheels” drivers. Yet every once in a while, other people park there. Today was one of those days.

As I was heading out to the car to go home during some “down time,” I noticed a woman getting out of her car parked in one of the spots. She also was taking out a stroller for her daughter, who appeared to be around two. I asked the woman (a question, which in itself might be construed as stupid too): “‘Are you a driver?” to which she responded (perhaps naturally):ย  “Um, yeah, I drive.”

“No. What I mean is are you a driver for Meals on Wheels?”

…which I clearly knew she wasn’t if she was putting her daughter in a stroller and heading toward the nearby park — which she was.

“Um, no.”

“Those spots are reserved for Meals on Wheels drivers.”


The next thing I said, I tried not to say, but couldn’t bite my tongue fast enough:

“Did you NOT SEE the signs that say, ‘Reserved parking, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday’?”

She just kept her head down as she started looking for her keys in her purse.

As I was driving home, I thought to myself that maybe I should have exhibited more patience toward the woman or at least been a bit more polite than I had been.

But then I thought:ย  “Hey, I wasn’t the one who was stupid. She was.”

So do you have patience for stupidity? When’s the last time you lost it? Or if you’re a super saint, when’s the last time you kept it?

17 responses to “Patience for stupidity

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  2. You had every right to give that lady shit. Clearly, she’s a moron. It is our ( “our”, being intelligent people ) job to point out to the fucking idiots : #1 Why they are an idiot, #2 How not to be an idiot in the future and #3 If I catch you being an idiot one more time I’m going to hospitalize you.

  3. I would be the world’s worst teacher because I have no patience for stupidity. When I’m around kids, for example, I always find myself thinking, “Hey, idiot, you should know this!” Even though they shouldn’t, of course. Thank God I don’t know very many dumb people, or I’d be dead by now.

    • unfinishedrambler

      Oh, don’t get me started with kids. I have no patience for children either or naivety.

  4. Oh, I have absolutely no patience for stupidity, non-courteousness and for those who fail to look to their right, to their left and be aware of who could be behind them.

    Only last saturday, I made my brother sick after telling him that there were two women in the store, blocking the entrance with themselves and a stroller with a sleeping baby girl.

    I said “Excuse me…” but I wasn’t heard, so I repeated a little louder – nope.
    “EXCUSE ME !” … the baby’s mother looks me right in the eye… but completely ignores me and continues talking to her mother-in-law !

    That got me pissed – I moved the stroller slightly out of the way with my own hands.

    And they did not even care !

    Makes me sick … sick … sick. How could they allow a stranger to touch their baby and not even care ! For I would never allow that !

    My brother told me never to tell him that kind of stories again.
    Unfortunately he might stumble on to this comment
    Sorry Bro ! Had to !

    • unfinishedrambler

      I’m now waiting for your brother to stumble on this comment and hear his version of the story. I want to see if it will be the same. Hmmmm….

  5. I’ve been known to be sarcastic to people being stupid, especially if they are also rude.

    I usually blame it on Evil Twin.

    • unfinishedrambler

      This lady wasn’t rude, and I probably shouldn’t have been as rude as I was to her. Sometimes, though, it is difficult not to keep your mouth shut…I mean, to keep MY mouth shut. I mean, I’m sure you have no problem keeping yours shut. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Oh boy. There is a reason I don’t commute more than 3 miles each way to work. I have NO patience for some of the really bad behaviors on the road. Some of it is, like Florinda said, the thinking that rules are for other people. I have to drive through two college zones and one high school zone in order to get to work, so I see a lot of what I call video game driving by the young ‘uns that don’t seem to understand how physics work and that when they wreck their car and my car the “game” doesn’t reset and give us all new cars so we can start over. Yup. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I know … don’t get me started!

  7. I’m not sure I’d call the situation you described “stupidity,” exactly. To me, it sounds like a “rules are for other people” scenario, especially since she made NO effort to correct things when you called her out on her choice of parking space. And I have very little patience with those who think rules are for other people.

    But whether you call it stupidity, arrogance, or something else, I think it’s good that those of us who have no patience with it have blogs where we can vent about it :-).

    And note to self: do NOT get on Ti’s bad side!

    • unfinishedrambler

      I’m in agreement with you both about the venting and Ti — especially most definitely on not getting on Ti’s bad side. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I have a certain amount of patience, but sometimes I do what you described: fail to bite my tongue fast enough, and I throw in just one more phrase that I regret later and that doesn’t help the situation.

    In a hotel in Toronto, I was once awakened at 3 a.m. by a crowd of partygoers stumbling back to their rooms; it went on a while, and I went and cracked the door open just a little and said, “Quiet please; it’s 3 a.m.” And this actually worked…until I threw in, “Have some SENSE!” which triggered a barrage of jeers and epithets and “Ya want it quiet, go check in at the Ritz,” and the like.

    It has since become a household in-joke to throw in, “Have some SENSE!” in various conversations from time to time.

    • unfinishedrambler

      That’s great. I might try that now too…although I know that wasn’t your intent (of course, I’ll only throw that out there at home and jokingly, now that I’ve read your comment to my wife :).

  9. I can relate to you both.

    At day camp pick-up, there are only 2 spots reserved for pick-up and drop-off. Some non-camp people always occupy those spots, so I end up having to occupy the disabled parking spot.

    So because they are asses, I in turn, become an ass too. Two wrongs do not make a right.

    As far as getting angry, I have been known to leave nasty notes if the situation really irks me.

    • unfinishedrambler

      It’s hard not to ramp up the “assitude” when deadling with asinineness, I know what. When working at the library, I try to temper it but then vent about the situation later with a co-worker. As for notes, I’d love to see some of those you’ve written. I bet they’d make a great blog post or series of posts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Once, to my husband’s horror, I messed up a guy’s truck by moving his mirrors around, opened up his gas cap to make him think that I did something to it, bent his wipers back… nothing to permanently damage anything. I’d have to be super ticked to do that. But he parked right next to me and I could not get into my car without climbing through the back since the other guy was over too much too.

        Me, climbing through the back to get in and drive away? I think it was warranted.