Renewing my campaign to get rid of all seasons

I can’t find a happy medium.

Either it’s too hot, for which our little room air conditioner doesn’t do jack shit for our whole little house (or maybe it does do jack shit and that’s the problem, I always was a little confused on the wording of that phrase) or when it is cool like this week, we have thunderstorms coming every night, which is giving me wicked sinus headaches.

Have I mentioned lately that I hate summertime?

No? Well, I do, just like I also hate spring, fall and winter. In fact, back in April, I started a campaign to get rid of all seasons with a Facebook group and I’m now reinstituting that campaign. Thus far, it’s only me and Jaffer, but we’re willing to have more members in our campaign against those pernicious changes in the weather that bring on headaches. If you’re interested in joining, let me know and I’ll invite you.

A brief description of the group follows, as seen on the Facebook page:

Because of the allergies I have almost year-round, I’m starting this campaign to get rid of all the seasons. What will we put in their place? I don’t know. I haven’t gotten that far in the thought process.

And no, I still haven’t got far enough in the thought process to think what will be put in place of the seasons. Why not?

Well, mainly because as Frank sings here…

P.S. Don’t bother responding in the comments with cure-alls. I’ve tried it all: drugs and more drugs, and even the Neti Pot, to no avail. Of course, this means you probably will respond, but don’t be surprised if I mock your solutions — derisively; especially with the headache I’ve got, I’m likely to show no sympathy đŸ™‚

6 responses to “Renewing my campaign to get rid of all seasons

  1. Move to California, Bryan : I did, no sinus probs.

    Then I moved to the land of the “Morning Calm” where they like to pretend that no one else in the world has four seasons just like theirs.

    Right now I’m stuck in season 3: unbearable humidity that makes 86F feel like 93F. It was hotter in our apt. than outside.

  2. Seriously. No solutions to offer. Not a single one. As for the seasons … I’m looking for the perfect temperature, with a perfect mix of sun and cloudiness, with no pesky pollens hanging about just waiting to make me miserable, and no barometric changes that send me into headache land. Yeah. I’m still waiting …

  3. I hate humidity and heat. It makes me sweat – and I sweat a lot !

    Growing up in Saudi Arabia was not too bad – sure it was like 110F every day but the air was drier and atleast the afternoons were windy !

    I usually look at the map of Canada this time of the year planning my next move – and I am thinking the Arctic isn’t such a bad idea.
    With the global warming – winters would be pleasant too !

    The polar bears ? Fuck ’em !

  4. Eeek.

    I feel your pain. I do.

    I have often wished for fewer months of summer around here. We have summer for nearly six months here.

    But then again that would mean the snowbirds would be here that much longer too.

    It’s all give and take, baby! *smile*

  5. I hate any time of year when it’s so nice that people expect me to go outside.

  6. The cure for a headache? Remove the head.


    I’m sorry about your weather. Can we have some rain, please?