Watching Die Hard 2: Die Harder with wife

watching Die Hard 2: Die Harder with wife after correcting her not having seen first one, now correcting her not not having seen second one

Author’s Note: This was intended to be a tweet and Facebook status update that I accidentally also sent here via Hootsuite. Now since I’ve already had a couple of comments, I’m just leaving it.

9 responses to “Watching Die Hard 2: Die Harder with wife

  1. To The Wife: Oh, yeah, wait until you get to Live Free or Die Hard–it’s cheese factor 10 with every cliche in play…but so much fun!

  2. ACTUALLY…..I knew Alan Rickman as the Sherriff of Nottingham in the worst Robin Hood movie ever made (though to be fair I haven’t seen the most recent one so old Kevin Costner may have been usurped) so THERE.

    Anyhoodle, in my defence, the summer DH came out I was working at a camp on the Chesapeake and saw exactly zero movies. Then I went to college. Over the years I think I saw the same seven minutes of that movie on TV over and over again, but never saw the whole thing. You CAN’T watch this movie on TV and get all the great lines, so I’m glad I saw it, though I have a feeling the number of things I have to call BS on will climb exponentially in the sequels.

  3. oops…this wasn’t supposed to post here, but did. So yes, should have been “wife”.

    Will just leave it now.

  4. Did you misspell “Wife” in the title ?

    Actually in old english she was called a wīf.

  5. You married a woman who hasn’t seen “Die Hard”? That means she only knows Alan Rickman as a professor from “Harry Potter”…