My avatar and corks aren’t working, damn you Facebook!

Tonight both The Wife and I have been having problems with connecting to Facebook on two different computers, which led me to research the problem online. While doing that, I came across this which put it all in perspective:

Now The Wife and I are going to uncork a real bottle of wine and watch some MI-5 we got from Netflix.

Because I’m receiving a ton of multiplying spam comments on this post, I have closed comments for now here. Sorry.

2 responses to “My avatar and corks aren’t working, damn you Facebook!

  1. Human interaction? What a concept!

    I love the first couple of seasons of MI-5. Go Tom!

    • I know…human interaction, what an outdated concept.

      I’m past Tom and into the Adam years, at least for a little while.

      (Apologies to everyone after Geek but I had to close comments because of getting hit by a ton of spam. Hopefully closing comments will cut down on the spam.)