Ungrateful for procrastination, grateful for friends in low places

So looking back at this week, through the prism of the Sleeping with Bread meme, I ask myself and ask you to ask yourself:

For what am I/are you most grateful this past week?

For what am I least grateful this past week?

Basically, I’m least grateful for one thing this past week:  procrastination, not only in regards to writing blog posts here, but also more importantly what those blog posts represent. For example, by not doing a Motivation Monday post this past week  or for the past month (or few months), I’ve also not been doing any kind of exercising, including running. By not doing a Midweek Review this post, I haven’t been writing any book reviews, even though I have finished a few books recently for which I could write reviews.

For what am I most grateful this past week?

Again, basically one thing: Friends. At the top of that list for this week is a friend of both me and my wife: Deb Aziz. Thanks to her generosity, I’m typing this post sitting on my couch with a new Dell Inspiron Mini. From the way I understand it, Deb got the mini as part of a deal with her cable company, and my wife bought it off for her for the cost of shipping and handling (about $20) for my birthday, which was this past Wednesday.

The computer came Tuesday and instead of waiting until Wednesday, my wife gave it to me Tuesday night. I definitely was surprised as my wife kept telling me that I couldn’t be trusted with one (after frying one of her work laptops a few years ago by spilling water on it, I believe it was). I’m glad that I’ve regained her trust– at least for a bit.

We’ve been enjoying it so far, even watching some Netflix on it.  Our main computer is in our office and with only one office chair, it’s not very comfortable watching movies or shows on it. Now we can watch “stuff” together. Last night we watched a little MI-5 and the night before that, we watched some Farscape. Thanks, again, Deb.

Also on the list of friends this week is my friends at our town senior center, where I volunteer. On Wednesday, the senior center manager called me and asked me if I could come in even though it was my birthday. I reluctantly agreed, but enjoyed myself anyway– spending the morning and early afternoon with folks who are slowly becoming “friends.” They even bought me a chocolate cake, put candles on it and sang “Happy Birthday” to me. It was a nice surprise.

I’d write more, but I’m a little tired after being up late last night installing updates on the laptop and then working most of the day at the library today. I’ll leave y’all with this ditty from Garth Brooks in honor of all my friends:

3 responses to “Ungrateful for procrastination, grateful for friends in low places

  1. Hmm, I’m a pessimist so I feel compelled to note the thing I’m least grateful for today.

    And that would be the gale force winds outside that are make the tree branch scrape across my window at intermittent times. The amount of time in between window scrapes is long enough for me to forget about it since the last time it happened.

    So when it happens again I am startled anew and that is not cool.

  2. Wow, that’s quite a friend to sell you a shiny new laptop for the cost of shipping. No wonder you’re grateful, and given how you’ve been using it, no wonder you’re not exercising or posting like you want to. But, hey, as long as you’re having fun, I say go for it.

    • Unfortunately, I also have a PC so that also doesn’t help (or does help, depending on how you look at it) with my procrastination. That’s where I am this morning, but at least I might have a post here later.