Famous people who share their birthday with me (redux)

Two years ago, I shared about famous people who shared their birthday with me.

I since have earned that this woman whom I thought shared a birthday with me, and in the same year, does not:

Steffi Graf

She was  born on June 14, 1969, five days after me — so much for my contention, one I had asserted for years to (the chagrin– and sometimes anger– of) my wife, that Steffi and I were soul mates.

However, today I learned that this distinguished Disney character shares a birthday with me even though we are a…ahem…few years apart:

Donald Duck Potrait

Photo courtesy of Cartwright80 on Flickr

Personally, I would have preferred still sharing a birthday with someone who looked like this (shhh-WWW-ing):

Tennis great Steffi Graf, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 1997.

Photo courtesy of cliff1066™ on Flickr

I’m just sayin’.

10 responses to “Famous people who share their birthday with me (redux)

  1. Wow! I’m a June-9-er, too!

  2. It’s OK if you don’t share a birthday with someone famous. You’re still a *gag* special *gag* person. *gag*

    That was easier to say than I thought it would be! *gag*

  3. Happy birthday, sir. I believe you should start wearing that suit Donald is modeling.

    • unfinishedrambler

      As long as you aren’t saying that I start wearing the suit that Steffi is wearing in the bottom photo.

      That, believe me, would be scary.

  4. quirkyloon

    Hmm, funny that pic didn’t make say schwing.


  5. If it makes you feel any better, I share my birthday with Jesse Jackson. However, Matt Damon is only 1 year older than me. Not too shabby.

    Happy, happy birthday!!!!