Just gimme gimme gimme barbecued chicken!

Yesterday friends of ours were having a chicken barbecue for their daughter and a friend who are going to Europe later this summer via the People to People Ambassador program. They had cooked a lot of chicken, so as it got toward midafternoon, they found themselves with leftover chicken. As a result, they called, texted and e-mailed everyone they knew to come down and get some of the leftover chicken.

My wife was one of the lucky recipients, and I, ever wanting to help, immediately went up and down the street to people I knew to let them know about the chicken. However, when I stopped by one of the neighbors, Joe, he hemmed and hawed, and then finally said:

“I’m not supposed to have chicken because of my blood type.”

I think I might have done a double-take and said, “Huh? Are you serious?” And inside to myself, I thought, “WTF?”

He said he was serious and that there was a diet that recommended different foods for different blood types. I’ll be honest that I had never heard of such a thing. I asked him what his blood type was and he said “B.”

I sighed, “Whew!” and said, “Because I love me some chicken.” Or words to that effect.

When I mentioned to my wife about this, she confirmed that there was such a diet, and this morning I Googled it and came across the website of Dr. Peter Adamo, the kook who dreamt up this scheme.

For those with blood type B, he recommends instead of eating chicken to eat “goat, lamb, mutton, rabbit and venison.” Now the rabbit and venison, admittedly, you can find around where we live, but goat, lamb and mutton seem a little exotic for these parts. I guess, if my friends had a goat barbecue, Joe would have been down with that.

I learned from Adamo’s website that I should be eating “mahi-mahi, red snapper, salmon, sardines, and tuna,” which, of course, living in the middle of Pennsylvania, I can get all the time fresh from the Atlantic, which is right next door (rolling eyes). Is it just me or do his tastes seem to lend themselves toward the exotic, and I’m guessing, expensive?

Adamo says everyone should avoid pork, which means he is not an advocate of The Other White Meat Campaign.

Damn. I think that means I’m going to have give up this then:

Photo courtesy of TangoPango

Okay, I don’t really eat them. I’d much prefer my pork, like my chicken, bar-B-Q-d.

I would just change the ending of the lyrics to the Queen song slightly:

For previous posts I’ve written on chicken barbecues, see this one about my own chicken barbecue experience with a local men’s chorus, and also a chicken barbecue for Planned Parenthood.

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10 responses to “Just gimme gimme gimme barbecued chicken!

  1. That is truly bizarre. I can’t imagine any real correlation between blood type and a need for a whole food genre restriction. But what do I know? I don’t have a medical degree from the back of Rolling Stone magazine or anything. So I can’t come up with this stuff.

    • unfinishedrambler

      Wait…then why have I been getting my advice from you on other medical issues? I don’t understand. And to think, I TRUSTED you. 😉

  2. What about those who don’t have blood, but ice water in their veins? What are they supposed to eat?

    I have a theory about restrictive diets. I think they’re for people who like to be controlled, but can’t admit it. Being on a perpetual diet is a lot cheaper than buying rubber and fetish gear. lol.

    (runs away before the dieters catch up to her… )

    • unfinishedrambler

      I don’t know about that with the ice water. YOU tell me. 😉

      And are you saying you buy rubber and fetish gear? Is that what you’re saying, huh? 🙂

  3. I’d BBQ right now if it weren’t raining for the 30th day straight…

    • unfinishedrambler

      I’m really sorry to hear that. If it makes you feel any better, we’re getting rain right now.

  4. It sounds crazy to me but some people swear by it.

    You wonder how people come up with this stuff.

  5. Too funny. Take my word for it, the eat for blood type diet is a bunch of *^$!#. And as a fellow central Pennsylvanian (in the middle of nowhere), the fresh fish is a bit tricky — but we *do* have a Wegmans here.

    • unfinishedrambler

      The Wegman’s is about an hour away from us…well, actually, two, one toward the north in Corning; the other to the south in Williamsport. So yes, Wegman’s is good.

      I don’t believe in the diet myself, but my friend evidently believes in it (he’s still my friend, so I’ll withhold my judgment on it, because he might read this ;). A lot of diets don’t work for some people, but do work for others.