Sherlock Holmes at 93, Dortmunder in ’85 and me in 010 (TSS)

The Sunday Salon.comLooking ahead to today

For this week’s Sunday Salon (click on the badge at left to be taken to the site to see what it’s all about), I plan on continuing to read A Slight Trick of the Mind by Mitch Cullin, which I picked up at the library on Friday. When I saw it on the shelf as I was shelf-reading, I was just going to add it to my listography list of books “found” while shelf-reading. Then I decided with already 85 books in that list, and a less and less likely chance that I’ll get to even a quarter of them, I thought to myself, “Why not just pick it up now and read it?” So far, I’m glad I’m did — and I just learned this morning that the book is being made into a movie scheduled to be released next year.

In short, the book is about a retired Sherlock Holmes, at the age of 93 in 1947, living in a Sussex farmhouse and his struggles with memory, including an old case and a recent trip to postwar Japan.

Also today, I might continue reading Good Behavior by Donald E. Westlake, the sixth novel involving burglar and, more often than not, bungler John Dortmunder. This is all dependent on whether or not I end up taking my regular Sunday afternoon nap, which all signs today, especially with a cloudy, rainy day scheduled, point toward a very good probability of happening.

If I can finish the Cullin book, which I believe I should be able to do so today, maybe even this morning before Mass, I might get to moving a bookshelf from our living room into our office. What has necessitated this is our cat, who likes, for some reason, to knock books off aforementioned bookshelf.  Another bookshelf we have in our living room is in disarray, in part due to our cat knocking books off there too.

Finally later today, my wife and I have been invited to a picnic and a movie with a friend. The movie is Amélie.

Looking back at this week, this month

Earlier this week, I reviewed my reading so far this month and have revised my reading plans for the next few months as a result. I also reviewed Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie, my lone entry in this month’s Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Carnival, sponsored by fellow Sunday Saloner Kerrie from Mysteries in Paradise. However, 10 other contributors, including Kerrie herself, had 29 other posts for the carnival, which I encourage to peruse at your leisure, perhaps today even.

I will leave you with the trailer for Amélie.

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  1. I really did not get around to reading much today…mostly just played with my new iPad!