For what I’m grateful and not so grateful this week

So looking back at this week, through the prism of the Sleeping with Bread meme, I ask myself and ask you to ask yourself:

For what am I/are you most grateful this past week?

For what am I/are you least grateful this past week?

For what am I least grateful this past week?

1. Body: Not replacing WeightWatchers, which I dropped earlier this month, with any kind of a plan, a routine or a way to lose weight.

2. Mind: Not starting Paradise Lost for Milton in May, but hopefully will get to start on Sunday, and not finishing a book sent by an online friend last year that I promised to read and review last year.

3. Soul: Missing a couple of days of The Liturgy of the Hours to start the week, and as a result, my “faith” life and life in general suffering, especially not quieting my mind in the morning before I started the day. Unfortunately, I let myself sink into depression.

For what am I most grateful?

1. Body: Not eating horribly this week, even if not eating great.

2. Mind: Finishing Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese and being able to borrow the next couple of Dortmunder books by Donald E. Westlake from a friend after learning our library didn’t have the next two in the series.

3. Soul: Being able to fellowship with fellow Catholics at an informal discussion of the book Fully Human, Fully Divine by Michael Casey. My wife and I never have really connected with other couples from the parishes to which we have belonged, so it was nice to have a night out to discuss not only the book, but also just hang out with good people.

3 responses to “For what I’m grateful and not so grateful this week

  1. The book sounds really interesting and I think it is great that you got to connect with some couples from church.

    Hey, I accidentally deleted the widget link on the posts. If you want to come back and relink, that would be great!

  2. Hmmm…Your reflections and comments are so visceral. Mine would be comic. I will add a bit though…
    I’m grateful that a poem came to me during early morning coffee yesterday and I penned and edited as quickly as I could then without giving in to my neurotic thoughts, submitted it and 3 others to a poetry journal…
    I’m not so grateful for being neurotic 🙂 but that’s daily!

    Great post!

    • Oooh, poetry. I love poetry. I would love to read it when it gets published. 🙂 I wrote poetry in college, but since have fallen away from it. 😦

      This week, I won’t lie, was a lazy post because I’ve only been able to use the Internet at our library (only 45 minutes at a time) as our computer is in the shop. Hopefully, we will get our computer back later in the week.