Is this the end when two worlds collide?

That is the question I am asking myself after one of my college classmates reconnected with an old friend of hers who happens to be one of my friends on Facebook the other day and now today I see a “like” from my cousin on a status of another friend with whom I didn’t think there was any connection. Have you ever had that happen to you where two of what you thought were disparate worlds collided either online or IRL? What did you do? Or if that hasn’t happened, like Howard Payne, I’ll ask: “What would you do? What would you do?” Well?

6 responses to “Is this the end when two worlds collide?

  1. Don’t worry. A comet is headed for our planet. It won’t matter in a few hours….

    Sorry, no, just kidding….

    I hope.


  2. All I know is that I love that song. Thank you. Now I have something to dance to while I clean the bathroom.

  3. Why does that shock you? All FB is is a giant game of “Six Degrees” sans the Kevin Bacon.