Subtlety: Facebook is not Thy name

7 responses to “Subtlety: Facebook is not Thy name

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    I just woke my husband up with the laughing.

    • unfinishedrambler

      Facebook has a sense of humor I’ve learned…but also a mean corporate side too. Not too long ago, it told me to “report Hitachi.” I figure that Hitachi must have been planning a hostile takeover of Zuckerberg’s company and he didn’t like the idea. I’m just not sure to whom I’m supposed to report Hitachi.

  3. Big Brother Captcha is watchin’ you!

  4. Heh, Mother Facebook’s been working overtime on you lately, hasn’t she? Tweaking you, making you take time outs, making comments about who your friends should be and making you do homework. 🙂