My Top 5 Favorite Vulgar Songs

So far, I haven’t lived up to my bad-ass party-crashing alter ego, so to that end, let me present this Saturday morning My Top 5 Favorite Vulgar Songs, because one, I don’t believe in censorship, and two, in at least the last three cases I can’t help but laugh (and ROCK out) every time I hear them:

No. 5 (originally a different Prince song I think, but taken down because of copyright issue):

No. 4:

No. 3:

No. 2:

No. 1:

With a special shout-out on the last two to where I was introduced to them. Um, yeah, should I mention at this point that I thought that not only did I like the original South Park movie, but also Team America and, oooh, this song, which probably should have been in this list, but wasn’t because now I’m too lazy to go shuffle my top 5 and make it my top 6?

10 responses to “My Top 5 Favorite Vulgar Songs

  1. When you said “vulgar” I thought you meant VULgar, with a capital ‘VUL’. No vulgar list is complete without Monty Python’s “Sit on My face”. Or is that just me?

    Love “Team America” because it offends absolutely everyone. That “Aids” song is a classic!

    • unfinishedrambler

      No, in terms of vulgarity, that song ranks right up there. I guess, I was thinking of songs with vulgar words in them and maybe should have titled it as such. šŸ™‚

      • For me, it’s all about context. It’s so hard to recognize vulgar words anymore–they’ve all become mainstream šŸ˜¦

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  3. Violent Femmes! Awesome. Gordon Gano’s some kind of religious nut now too ;^), last I heard anyway. Anyway, you should listen to this stuff every day. I like songs with “F*ck you” in them. Like Tool’s ‘Hush’. Of course *you* wouldn’t be interested in such things. I love your vulgar songs. šŸ™‚

    • unfinishedrambler

      You might be surprised that I like Tool too.

      I think Gordon Gano was always a little bit of a religious nut. I think he was the son of a preacher man, although I don’t think the song was about him. šŸ™‚

  4. I can’t listen to them right now, little ears and all that. But I love them, the more vulgar the better.

    • unfinishedrambler

      You don’t have headphones and all that? šŸ˜‰ I’m not sure about the more vulgar, the better, but I do happen to like these…not necessarily, in all cases, because they’re vulgar. In some cases, the songs just kick ass, like with the Funkadelic song and the Steel Panther song too.

  5. ha! Top Five Vulgar songs! Classic….play them often?

    • unfinishedrambler

      No, I (!!!) don’t, but if I were over on blip, I’d play them all the time. My alter ego is kind of this religious nut…;)