This blog don’t have shit on Ramblers

Earlier today, I received this message on my Facebook fan page:

Dont Have Shit on Ramblers

You know what? He’s right. Not only does my Facebook fan page not have shit on Ramblers, but this blog don’t have shit on Ramblers either.

So why did I use the logo?

A. Because I don’t know, I guess I thought I’d try to be creative, because I never finish rambling, and with the name of my main blog being an unfinished person (in an unfinished universe) and this blog Unfinished Rambler being sort of the alter ego to Unfinished Person, when thinking about a logo for this blog, and then the Facebook group, I thought, “Hey, why not use the Rambler logo from the car of the same name?”

B. Because I anticipated this very question coming from what looks like a teenager who lists among his groups “No, I’m not being immature, I’m being fun. You should try it” and “I stand in the shower aimlessly for ages just because its warm” and wanted to respond to this very question with a smart ass answer like this one. I also would like to point out that the group “No, I’m not being immature, I’m being fun” has a photo of a policeman. Why’d they use a photo of a policeman when policemen are not stereotypically what I’d call fun? I mean, have you ever watched Cops, Gunnar? Have you?

C. Because I thought I’d test the boundaries of copyright laws and see how that worked for me. So far, so good…and you know what, if I get a cease and desist order from the now defunct Rambler company, because of this post, that’s fine, because this blog is moving to Unfinished Person as I attempt to integrate all my personalities into one (or as my wife says when I talk about this: “Blah blah blah” or just “Uh huh”). I may or may not keep the Unfinished Rambler fan page, at which point, I’ll decide whether or not to keep the Rambler logo intact or use a “less creative” logo to appease asshats on Facebook like Gunnar Lantz.

D. Because my father once owned a Rambler and I remember seeing pictures of that car when I was a teenager and thinking it looked like a pretty bitching car:

E. All of the above.

If you guessed, E, you’d be correct.

In fact, you’d be correctamundo.

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