The more things change, the more things change…

In a post recently, I recounted news items from a 1912 paper to illustrate the point that “The more things change, the more they remain the same.”

Well, that’s not always true as illustrated by this news item, also from that same paper only a week later:


Pay particular attention to that third paragraph about “the Governor of our Commonwealth” and then take a gander at this photo:

Gov. Ed Rendell, angel whore and redneck

While Gov. Ed “Fast Eddie” Rendell doesn’t have an alcoholic beverage in his hand in this photo taken in 2008, he sure doesn’t seem to mind (notice where his right hand is too) consorting with those who partake of alcohol. True, the young…ahem…lady could be drinking just a soda, but somehow methinks that’s not the case.

I also find interesting the choice of words in the fourth paragraph about “a bill against treating in saloons.” Treating? It sounds like a double entendre if I ever heard one.

But unlike the prediction by Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge I mentioned previously, the one by the Rev. Dr. George W. Shelton that liquor traffic would be shut out of the state within 10 years did come true as on Feb. 25, 1919, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ratified the 18th amendment, which prohibited the traffic of alcohol within one year of ratification. Well, at least, it prohibited the traffic of alcohol in theory, as I’ve heard many a story about bootleggers in the county where I was born and raised.

This post is Part VIII in an intermittent series called “Things You Didn’t Know About Your Local Library.”

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Speaking of change, in anticipation of my migrating this blog eventually (the next couple of months hopefully) to, I will be moving all new posts over there starting March 1. Archives will still be found here until I can make the migration complete. Get ready to update your readers.

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