The more things change…

…yep, you guessed, the more they stay the same.

A few cases from a 1912 paper to illustrate the point:

1. The Prince of Wales still makes news stories:

Prince of Wales

“Weird instrument”: As someone of Scottish descent, I take great offense to anything from my ancestral homeland being called “weird.”

Gummy Haggis

Okay, never mind, maybe a little weird that “we” toss it around for sport too.

Paul Haggis throwing

2. Politicians still make wrong predictions.


Two years later, Germany, of course, made Sen. Lodge’s last point moot.

3. Immigration still makes headlines.


I especially like the fifth and eight paragraphs, which focuses on class:

“…but we welcome those who are more nearly white who are far more undesirable in many respects.”

“The reasonable conclusion is that we must put up the bars and restrict our immigrants to the class most desirable.”

I would like to point the use of a few words in those two statements:

1. “nearly white”: This seems to me by implication that if you’re all white, you’re all right. If you’re “nearly white,” um, not so much. No octoroons are welcome here.

2. “the bars”: I agree about only allowing classy immigrants into our bars. We don’t need your stinkin’ unclassy wetbacks, thank you, in our bars.

We need classy wetbacks as portrayed in this heartwarming film in our bars, in our churches and in our schools:

Mind of Mencia
Wetback Mountain
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