Elvis is the janitor in the basement of our library

This is part III of an intermittent series on “Things You Didn’t Know About Your Local Library.” Parts I, II and III can be found here, here and here.

The other day I happened to be in the basement at the library where I work part-time, because as Etta James and Sugar Pie DeSanto croon, “In the basement, In the basement, that’s where it’s at,” when I saw this:


Closeup No. 1:

Elvis photo

According to my friend “Bob” in South Korea, to whom I talked via instant message earlier this morning (earlier tomorrow morning for him), Elvis is the janitor at our library with the janitor closet clearly visible in the background.

And the reason that he has a photo up of himself? Both of us thought of it at the same time:

“Picture of the glory days.”

Closeup No. 2:

Elvis's car

Picture of his last car, of course. Bob told me:

“It all adds up.”

Bob continued:

“I bet Elvis is really into the Internet.”

Makes sense to me. The library has computers upstairs and Elvis probably has the codes to get into them. Bob concluded, that like Peter, Michael and Samir in Office Space , Elvis is:

“…figuring out ways to get a half cent here and half a cent there off his royalty payments to his estate.”

Personally, I think he already figured it out and that car isn’t just his last car. That is the car in which he drives around our little town.

There’s even a table in front of the window where I imagine Elvis making peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches “the way Mama used to make ’em.”

If you think you’re going to escape without an Elvis clip before you leave this post, you’re wrong. Here it is (just listen, the clip is dark, but you can still hear the music), with perhaps the song being an argument for why that photo isn’t of Elvis’s car:

Tip of the hat to Bonehead, who wrote a post earlier in the month to celebrate Elvis’s 75th birthday, which had me reminiscing about Elvis already. Check out the videos there that probably coincide better with the time when the photo above was taken than the clip I provided.

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