“Once upon a time, there existed a site called Humor-Blogs.com” t-shirts now available

Humor-Blogs.com t-shirt

Humor-Blogs.com t-shirt Johnny B. Truant version?

In all seriousness, though, I did write a complimentary review of the novel from the asshat who founded the site on my other blog and Johnny B. Truant actually likes the book too as evidenced in this post here. I have to admit that the novel wasn’t half-bad, considering the author is an asshat.

Author’s note: I have to give credit where credit is due with my wife, Kim, being the first person I know to use the phrase “tits up,” so I co-opted it from her. But don’t wield the phrase around lightly, warns a user on this forum: “Just so everyone is certain, this is a slang phrase and should not be said to someone who just lost a relative, etc. ‘I’m so sorry your dad went tits up’ would be a terrible faux pas.”

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