Republicans may sell Scott Brown to Democrats…you heard it here first!

Yes, today’s big news is Scott Brown…

…and that he may be sold!!!

This is shocking news considering the Republicans just won him…

…and now they want to sell him.

Does it have anything to do with any of these Twenty things to know about Scott Brown according to The Times Online?

Do they want to distance themselves from the automakers, because he drives a GMC pickup?

Do they not want a former male centerfold in their ranks?

Do they have something against American Idol because Brown’s daughter was a semifinalist? Not that I really blame them…after this annoying ditty now might be stuck in my head for the next year!

Do they not like the nickname he once had of “Downtown Scotty Brown” since most of them are more uptown?

Bottom line: Is it because even though he opposes same-sex marriage, he still supports legalized abortion?!!!!??!!!!

Perhaps these are just some of the questions the Republicans have about Scott Brown and why they want to sell him.

Wait a minute.

Double take.

Oh, never mind, it’s this Scott Brown (pictured in green at right):

Sorry, had to click through to the actual story at Personally, I was wondering why the Celtics (oops, again, misread) were refusing to comment on reports about a Senator-elect being sold.

Now I get it.

Republicans refuse to comment on reports that Scott Brown will be sold to Celtics in a three-way trade for Nate Robinson with the New York Knicks.

You heard it here first!

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