My friend’s shoe outed Demi Moore’s hip

Via a telephone conversation this morning with a friend who is living in South Korea, I learned that he is an international muckraker and is the one who outed Demi Moore’s hip.

Or more specifically his shoe did.

How so?

Let me explain.

In November the pop culture website Boing Boing published speculation by photographer Anthony Citrano that a recent W Magazine cover image of Demi Moore may have been Photoshopped.

In December lawyers representing Moore sent a letter to Boing Boing that demanded that they remove the post or face legal action (<— SEE THIS POST for photos of two different covers).

In January my friend (who wishes to remain anonymous, because of concern over legal action in South Korea) took this photo with his cell phone at a South Korean bookstore:

Bob's shoe

which he promptly sent to Boing Boing.

The photo, as it appears above, also is on the website of photographer Anthony Citrano in this post (photo in middle of post).

“You can see my shoe in the photo.”

This is what my friend told me and sure enough in the bottom left, you can see it (he wears black soccer shoes with white stripes)…

Bob's shoe

Yep, my friend Bob (name changed to protect his identity as an English teacher by day, international muckraker by night), or more specifically his shoe, is responsible for showing that Demi Moore’s hip was indeed Photoshopped.

I wonder what big story Bob might break next.

All I know is that Ashton Kutcher, you better watch your back.

This won’t be like an episode of Punk’d. Bob will bring the REAL to your door.

You don’t believe me? Look how he exposed the real side of your wife.

Oh, yeah, you better be scared.

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