They call it The Drill’N Man, I guess that’s what it am

Last week while at a local restaurant, I saw this on the counter as I went to pay for my check:

The Drill'N Man

“This mag was put together for the work’N men in the area, drill’n for oil/gas. The Drill’N Man is not writing about wine tasting on the Fingers Lakes. It was not written for anyone here on vacation. This paper was written for you roughnecking, hard-nosed men, who came here to work hard and make money to support your family.”

reads a letter from the creative director of the only publication for the men in the gas fields of PA/NY.

Yeah, you Joe Roughnecks are welcome here, he wants you to know on behalf of the good people here in this part of Pennsyltucky and the Southern Tier.

And what do we have to offer?

Besides this fine piece of newsprint here, well…

The Drill'N Dolls

…like this little (well, at least the photo is little) lady here, who can deliver the paper to you personally:

“The Dolls are fun and friendly ladies who deliver The Drill’N Man to your workplace, hotels and night spots for your convenience. Rather than leave these things out for anyone to pick them up, we want to make sure that you working men get what was written for you.”

Uh huh. You read that right.

Personal delivery. Cue the music.

The text beside the Drill’N Doll photo is…how do I say it? hmmm…strategically placed, with “rather than leave these things out” right next to the breasts of the doll and “we want to make sure what you working men get what” is also just below said breasts.

Personal delivery.

Part II of The Drill’N Man tomorrow, with “Nine Ways To Beat The Cold.” I can’t spill all this gas in one go.

That’s what The Drill’N Doll wishes The Drill’N Man had said. Cue the music one more time, this time from comedian Pablo Francisco, which I couldn’t resist sharing.

15 responses to “They call it The Drill’N Man, I guess that’s what it am

  1. Reffie: It's very deep…Omyword!: I know. I almost did backflips in the restaurant when I saw that.Brookeamanda: It would be…except for that Drill'N Dolls thing. It didn't say anything about Drill'N Dandies. 🙂

  2. Drill N Man sounds like a newspaper for gay men…I'm just sayin'.

  3. double-triple-quadruple entendres. you struck gold in them thar, er, hills.

  4. Oh yeah. That's some deep reading. Let me get my dictionary out.;-)

  5. Sex N Fries: Or…um, yeah…uh huh all right 😉

  6. Well that is one way to get drilled or be drilled or ask for something deep or…hell you get the picture. Great post!

  7. Whoops, Me-Me, didn't mean to leave you out: Yep, it's tough all over, I guess.

  8. Wife: Well, they went big with this, huh? Christie: I think that's the idea…though, I think they want to intrigue the men.Static: Was waiting to see who could be more crude than I could. You win, so far.Chantel: I can't help you, but I can give you a 1-900 number you can call if you're interested. ;)Sister: What do you mean "on their back"? They're probably carrying it on their front too.

  9. This is worse than you described it. Pretty sure the dude is running a escort service out there in the boonies. The scary thing is, I have a feeling the women don't look like that and maybe missing a few teeth and carrying a baby on their back."Is OK…he's seen peoples havin' relations b'fer…donta worry none about 'im werchin' us."

  10. So how does one become a "doll"… I like men who can….y', drill. Is there an application? Do they offer subscriptions? (monthly, weekly?) Daaag…who knew this was a career option?

  11. Whoa, even escort services have had to get creative during these tough economic times.

  12. Leave it to you to read something more into what was probably intended as a harmless article. Shameless! I gotta git back to drillin' that big ol' gaping hole now. See ya!

  13. When it comes to poor taste this is definitely a 'go big or go home' area.