I Rawk The Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Pro Football Pick ‘Em, Yo…

Okay, while I was content to finish at 8-8 and fifth in the Humor Bloggers Fantasy Football League last week, I won’t lie that I was more than a little bit disappointed. Then I received this message via Facebook from my friend, Deb:

Well fellow Footbally Poolers…the season is ended. Thanks for playing. Somehow, even with not submitting an entire weeks worth of picks, I managed to beat out Jon to escape last place. Due to an amazing final weekend for me. And even though Bryan only did 1/2 of his picks, he managed to squeak by Kevin for 1st by 9 points! Thanks all and I hope we do it again next season.

So I went over to our Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Pro Football Pick ‘Em page and this is what I found (well, sort of, with some slight modifications):

Pigskin Pride

Sure enough, even though I forgot to make half my picks until Sunday afternoon, I still won!!!!!

Now I can say it and really mean it:

Like The Cool Kids, I rock:

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9 responses to “I Rawk The Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Pro Football Pick ‘Em, Yo…

  1. What is this "football" kids keep talking about? 😉

  2. No better feeling than the one you get after stumbling backwards into success, I always say.

  3. I've seen that you've been around…but yes, would like to see you more. Damn community college students. 🙂

  4. Congrats and Happy New Year to you. I hope to be around more…if these community college students stop kicking my behind, that is.

  5. Well, at least, I can pick teams to win, even if I can't pick players…well, here's hoping I can do the same in the playoffs.Re: JS-Kit, received answer from ComLuv this morning that no longer works with Echo, so switching to Intense Debate.

  6. Thanks, Leeuna. I do…don't I? 😎

  7. Congrats dude. 🙂

  8. Hey UR! Congrats. And yes, you Rawk! 😎 😀