I pledge…allegiance…to uphold…aw, screw it…I don’t know…something something…2010

I thought it would be good to look over this past year’s resolutions before getting to my resolutions for 2010.


So not counting the four I already have checked, I only have six resolutions to come up with to add to those previous four:

1. To not procrastinate.

2. To not be such a corporate shill as I’ve shown above, here, and here, to name just a few of the places I’ve been a shill.

3. Instead to be a bodiless shrill like a screaming ghost, you know, that descends upon you when you least expect it…oh, wait, I was going for opposite of “corporate,” not “corporeal,” that’s what I getting for drinking in the middle of the day.

4. To continue to have posts that have an ethereal quality about them.

5. To use more words that end with “real” in posts, including the ones I’ve already used, plus “surreal,” “unreal,” and most especially “hyperreal.”

6. To not use Top 10 posts like this or this when I really don’t have any other ideas of what to write in a post.


Humor Bloggers


Oh, and this:

Nanny Goat in Panties

16 responses to “I pledge…allegiance…to uphold…aw, screw it…I don’t know…something something…2010

  1. Ha ha.. We've been using that 'something something' line here too.Happy New Year to you! I pledge nothing… 'cause then I can't fail. I iz one smart Canadian, eh?

  2. Uh huh. Sure. On you really meaning it. 😉

  3. How about that? I'm good on my living forever resolution too. Amazing.Already commented on your first post of the new year. Yay!!!

  4. I do have my *real* resolutions over at my other blog: unfinishedperson.com. But yes, I'll try to keep it real: hyperreal, surreal or otherwise.

  5. We got wine here still…amazingly, yep, even on the day after.

  6. Thanks, I aim to please. 😎

  7. True, I think your approach will guarantee success. :)I don't start every day with Crown Royal. Some days I switch to Maker's Mark. =-O

  8. If you take my approach, you'll get closer to complete success. :DBut I like your honesty in recounting the year's progress. I'm kind of wondering about starting the day with Crown Royal though.

  9. Happy New Year!

  10. Admirable list, Unfinished!

  11. Very good, Unfamished Riddler. Hiccup.Resooloosion….Revolution…..Ridiculoussion….Hiccup.I got nothing to resolve.Bring me wine. 😉

  12. I love this!and…. you kill me.Thanks for linking up over at NGIP and I hope you have a really *real* 2010!- Margaret

  13. I'm still working on my living forever resolution. So far, so good.Well, my blog roll starts anew tomorrow. I'd be honored if you participate again in 2010. Leave a comment and you're on the blog roll! Thanks for visiting and commenting in 2009.

  14. I'll miss the parenthetical remarks. And that Apture thingamabob thingie is kinda cool. I wish I'd gotten my act together to participate in Nanny Goats' cool "This Time I Really Mean It," because I DO! Really mean it. Happy New Year!

  15. I'm not beholden to them either, you know? I mean, look how well I did at them this past year? 🙂