I see a full/blue moon rising, I see trouble on the way for tomorrow

It’s the end of the decade as we know it and I feel fine. I’ll be howling at the full moon/blue moon tomorrow.

Let me just say that when using YouTube to find a “full moon” song, beware. You’ll find all kinds of songs out there titled “Full Moon”…

from ones that may not be appropriate for your family-friendly blog like this entry from Armand Van Helden (“entry” in that it is “enter at your own risk” and that you may want to wear a condom)…

…to ones that seem extremely repetitive in their lyrics like this one from Brandy or this one from Anne Clarke, although at least the latter sounds borderline cool for the first minute or two…

…to ones that reference some tween movie that everybody (at least on AOL.com as reported in India) thought was Da Bomb like this one from The Black Ghosts.

However, for me, I couldn’t pass up this one from Sonata Arctica with its metal edge:

despite the lyrics making no damned sense:

See what became out of her man.

Huh? “See what became of her man” would make sense, but “see what became out of her man” seems to be confusing the issue.

At least, it was easier for me to find several cool songs with “Blue Moon” in the title: “Blue Moon of Kentucky” by Elvis, “Blue Moon” by Ella Fitzgerald, and my favorite, “Blue Moon Revisited” by Cowboy Junkies:

Remember these words of wisdom from Armand as you get ready to celebrate tomorrow:

Freak, freak y’all
And you don’t, don’t stop
Keep on y’all
And you don’t, don’t stop

And finally these from Red Green:

Keep your stick on the ice.

which translated for New Year’s Eve, of course, is

and always have a


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